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I can see how knee-socks would be a slog, but they came out so cute!
I love the mitts. Must queue pattern!

I am still totally smitten with those socks, oh my gosh. They're gorgeous work, although I can imagine that they'd be a slow project. Those are tallllllll.

Those cabled mitts are gorgeous, too! I have the same feeling sometimes with club yarns and fiber - it's not always 'my' colour, but often I end up coming around and really loving the chance to play with something outside of my usual.

I'm crazy jealous of those knee socks! I really want to knit some. I've been lusting after a pair for two years now, and I haven't gotten around to starting. :-D

Awesome knee socks! Those are so cute I'm inspired to knit a pair for myself.

LOVE! the knee socks!

Cute! I would love to have kneesocks like that :)

Those knee socks are filling me with envy.

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