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For the record

December 28, 2009, I resolve to get my ass off the couch and start being more active.

I looked like this:


January 2011, I'm a runner, I eat a lot better and I'm fitter and 20lbs lighter!!


Space girl

I was looking at the blog for some renovation photos and remembered how much I like having this journal of my life to see how far I've come (in kntting, renos, parenting etc) and how much it reminds me of what's important to me.  Since having a healthy body (which really does help house a healthy mind) is important; I want to have that here too. And hell, it's my blog, so I write what I like.

Now if only I could be back in Cozumel to retake that shot!


Ramblings on my poor neglected blog

As I approach the 7th anniversary of And She Knits Too on Typepad, I notice that I've really lost my blogging mojo.  I blame the crazy pace of life, Twitter, Facebook (which I'm back visiting for some reason), my ability to avoid listening to the news (i.e. I don't have as much to rant about as I did when I was in grad school) and Ravelry (wonderful, fantastic Ravelry).

But it's not like I don't have anything to say.  So today, you get some random Wednesday blatherings:

1. A clean install of Windows 7 seemed like a good idea.  Except it doesn't recognize the DVD drive.  Seems that it doesn't see the DVD drives of about 10 million other computers either.  I hate crazy making computer frustrations.  I just want to watch DVDs on my fancy new 23" LCD monitor.

2. I have two fantastic knitting books to review.  They're re-issues of classics with some extras thrown in.  I need to get organized and tell you about them.  Soon.  Reading them would also be helpful.

3. I haven't knit in two days (I did ply some yarn on my Matchless for about 20 minutes).  I wonder if this is why I"m so cranky.

4. I'm back to RUNNING!!  Turns out I had a hamstring strain caused by the constant stopping in ball hockey.  The physiotherapist gave me some stretches and did some work on me and I feel a ton better.  I've already done 3 runs and I feel fantastic.  Hooray!

5. There is a data error in my current work that I cannot isolate.  It was a fun puzzle the last two days.  It is now a freakin' crazy-making exercise in "why the hell don't people enter the data properly so I don't have to do a line by line comparison to find the problem??!!"

6. Note, I only use the data, I do not enter it.  So yes, I am rightfully blaming others. 

7. I'm mostly off my bike and back on the subway.  I realize that I don't hate the transit system, I hate the people on the transit system.  The ones who think I should wait for the next train so that they have enough room to read a broadsheet newspaper.  The ones who think that pushing those people who won't move into the train is rude, but it's not rude to crowd the doors themselves and make others wait.  Push your way in baby.  If you can put out your arms and not bump 5 people, there's enough fucking room.

8. What is with the comment spam?!  Oddly phrased comments from or are stupid.  Stop it already, none of my fantastic readers are going to buy your stuff.  Especially not from you Mr.

9. I'm getting yarn from Indigodragonfly that I fell in love with in September.  I will be making this.  The yarn is called "Edward discovers that woodchippers make excellent juicers".  The yarn is 50/50 merino silk.  The whole combination makes me very happy. 



Thanks Carol!

I love the internet.  I've met so many interesting people from all around the world through it.  I do a lot of my job on it.  I connect with people I know in real life and those whom I'm only acquainted with virtually and I've made some amazing friendships through it.

When I started spinning, one of my internet friends Carol contacted Lisa Souza, another internet acquaintance (whom I met when I sold advertising for Knitty) and gave me the fantastic gift of a certificate for spinning fibre. Yummy Lisa Souza BFL roving to be exact.

Well, one good turn deserves another, so I made Carol a scarf to say Thank You.  I'm going to meet Carol in person for the first time at Rhinbeck, which didn't give me enough time to spin and then weave some of the fibre she gave me, so I took some of my brown corrie handspun and some Fly ing Sheep BFL for the weft, and some Fleece Artist Merino Sock for the warp and made this lovely scarf.


I went for truly random brown stripes because it was randomness on the internet that led me to meet Carol (well that and I didn't have enough for the whole scarf) and I really hope she loves the jeweled blue-green tones. 


I don't know if Carol reads my blog, but to maintain the surprise, I've set this post up to go live after I've left for Rhinebeck.  Thanks for the fibre Carol and for being one of my virtual friends.


Things I learned on the long weekend

1. My bathroom is one inch wider at the tub end than the door end.

2. My bathroom roof line is not straight.  We framed a dropped ceiling so it was level to the earth because the floor is about 1/2" higher at the tub end than the door end.

3. Old houses are crooked.

4. Having a friend help Craig position the tub that doesn't easily fit into the spot is preferable to helping on my own.  Because of this, we are still married and love each other very much.

5. Our new tub is 1/4" higher on one long end vs the other.  This means it will drain properly, but more floor prep is required.

6. The tub is no longer in the dining room.  It now looks so much bigger.

7. I going to love my new tub.

New tub

8. Going to the beach on labour day is a good thing. 

9. Kid's lunch bags get really disgusting after a year.  I should have bought new ones.

10. My kids have HUGE feet (size 6.5 men's and 7.5 women's).  Big feet=expensive shoes.  But size 16 men's shoes cost the same as 6.5 so at least I won't be spending more money over the next 10 years.

11. Size 16 Nikes are really really big.  Sorta scary even.

12. It's too hot to seam an aran weight sweater on your lap, no matter how much you want it done.

13. Rhinebeck is 6 weeks away.

14. The film festival starts this week!


Twitter is down!  How am I going to tell everyone about the little happenings in my life!?

Oh wait, I have a blog.

1. I ran this morning (yeah me!) then biked to work.  I also biked home from knit night last night at about 10.  My legs are TIRED.

2. When I was running by the park this morning I saw a girlie bike lying the grass.  Since it was 6:15am I figured it was abandoned.  Then I realized that it was Emma's bike that we "released into the urban environment" LAST summer.  It was a very distinct cobbled together bike with very bald white tires.  Weirdness.

3. The bike reminded me of that "if you love something set it free" poem.

4. No I didn't take the bike.

5. I'm binding of the Milkweed shawl.  Hooray for small projects.  I'm already looking for another one.

6. I think I'll make mittens.  Not too summery, but hell the weather ain't too summery either.

7. Tomorrow I have a work at home day because Xander doesn't have camp and Craig has an appointment. 

8.  I love work at home days.  No worrying about dressing up, finish laundry AND I tend to get more work done (no one to bug me).

9. My legs are still tired.  It's going to be a tough bike home.

Friday List

  1. It's been a busy week--the kids have been at my Mom's for all of it and it was nice to have my evenings free for a change. 

  2. But it didn't all work out as I hoped because I cricked my neck monday morning and it's just starting to feel better now.

  3. Thank FSM for massage therapy.  I like being able to have full mobility in my neck.  It makes biking easier.

  4. Not that I biked much because it. never. stops. raining.

  5. I haven't knit or spun all week.  Sad.

  6. I will finish spinning brown corriedale tonight and ply it tomorrow.  Then it's time for some colour. 

  7. I need more bobbins

  8. I saw Moon last night (a weeknight movie with Craig is now such a rare occurence).  It was good old fashion sci-fi.  Not perfect, but pretty good.

  9. Did you know big corportations have people stalking Twitter?  I said something bad about one and now have someone looking into my issue at the President's office.  Hmmm.

  10. Work is still making my shoulders achey.  That's not so fun

  11. My bathroom is now 98% done.  All that is left is painting the door and frame.  I'm aiming for a Sunday completion date!

  12. I started this sweater using the blue calmer.  It seems to be the right mix of fibre, shape and colour.  And knitting calmer is soooooo nice after working with summer tweed.

  13. I bought Sublime yarn in purple to make Anhinga.  It's sooooo squooshy.

  14. I had a chocolate bar in my desk for a whole week.  I finally ate it today.

  15. I have not worked out since Monday due to shoulder/neck thing.  I need to start back tomorrow.  I've lost the routine since I went on holiday at the end of June.  So much for after 6 weeks you'll be established in a routine. 


Random Sunday--The Week in Review

1. Kim and I made the trade and I'm not spinning on her Majacraft Little Gem.  This is THE wheel for me.  Small footprint, nice design, nifty treadles and the clincher: I can spin while comfortably sitting on my couch in a posture-friend manner.

2. I am making some pretty yarn on said wheel.  Purple and blue shetland.

3. I am crunching the numbers on where to buy my Little Gem.  Sadly, it's not from a Canadian vendor.  But do fear getting dinged by customs.  Oddly, there is no paperwork on tariffs for spinning wheels on the government's website.  I checked.  I also can't decide if it's an "other manufactured item", furniture or machinery.  I will call to see what the duty is.  I don't think we have free trade with New Zealand.  Any advice or thoughts on this are welcome.

4. Molly, Elizabeth and I hit the Jones New York warehouse sale today.  It was amazing.  Everything was 80% off.  I got 2 suits (one Anne Klein, one Jones), 3 dresses, a cotton cashmere sweater, a skirt, pants, and a blue sweater for $400.  Everything fits nice and I love that I can have nicely made clothes without spending 2 grand.  Molly scored a 100% cashmere blazer for about $50.  It was fun.

5. Apparently I need taller shoes to wear with new suit.  I have nice flats, but may consider comfortable taller shoes.

6. I'm getting a cold.  I wish it would get here already so I can get it over with.

7. I didn't shred today.  I took Thursday off too.  I feel a bit guilty. 

8. Shred is starting to tone me up.  I still haven't lost a single pound or feel like my clothes fit better.  I feel better (which should be the point) but I would like the more shallow, body based results too.

9. I'm going to finish this list so I can spin more.

10. I had no idea my week was so boring.  I did see the kids perform in their school concert, and Emma had a dance recital, and I went out last night to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday, so I guess it wasn't boring at all.  Just not so blogable.

Random Wednesday

1. I spun up a pretty braid of yarn and plied it last night.  It's really nifty looking.  I even spent time to take a whole bunch of pictures but then forgot to upload them.  D'oh.

2. Day two of Level 2 of 30 day Shred (day 12 total).  This is tough stuff.  So much time in plank pose whilst moving legs to work abs and do cardio.  I'm getting whiney that I'm not seeing some results beyond being sore and really tired.  I know, I know it takes time, but it's my blog and it's Wednesday and I can be all cranky if I want.

3. The weather outlook is cheering me up though.  Hot and sunny starting tomorrow (and getting hotter as the week proceeds) .  This means I can ride my bike to work and not wear my rain boots.

4. Still haven't got new rainboots.  The Huntress style (aka Hunter Original Wide) is out of stock everywhere (and I mean everywhere) until August (and the yellow ones are gone).  Sucky.  So I'm still on the search for something that doesn't make my feet go sleepy/sore like my current boots.  I swear you all went and bought boots after I posted about them.  Are you listening Hunter?

5. I'm on Twitter.  Much more fun that Facebook.  No apps, just status updates.  Follow me @DocSteph.

6. I spend too much time research spinning wheels.  Now I need to spend more time researching spinning.  I have lots of questions.

7. The postcards we sent from Cozumel are just starting to arrive.  39 days from posting.  That's a long, long time.

8. I'm taking Emma to work tomorrow as part of Take Our Daughters and Sons to work day.  Should be interesting.  We're doing a tour of the Architecture faculty and after lunch she gets to job-shadow me.  I even have a meeting with a Vice-President tomorrow.  How do I keep a 10 year old amused while I read endless documents? 

9. Sushi for lunch today. Mmmm Sushi.

10. Free Earth Day coffee at Starbucks if you bring your own mug (which I already try to do).  Mmmmm Coffee.


Knitting. It might not save your life, but it might help you live...

Ripped from the headlines:

Italy earthquake: elderly woman knitted as she waited for rescue

A 98-year-old woman pulled alive from the earthquake rubble in L'Aquila spent the time knitting while she waited to be saved.

For this woman, knitting seems to have accomplished both long life and being saved (she is 98 after all). 

And goes to show that having knitting around all over the house and always with you could prove very important.