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The fix-it job didn't work. It would have worked with a 1X1 rib, but not 2X2. And knitting down from the top piece didn't work either--I was half a stitch off and it showed.

So, I took the small ribbed piece and just started again. I'm 6 rows into the pattern and I'm good with the decision. I always suspected that a fix-it job would always bug me. I would stare at the front ribbing and know it wasn't quite right. I'm happy to start it again. Amazing how things look better once you cool down. That being said, I didn't frog the biggest piece--I'm not feeling that accommodating.

Birthday Boy

My little baby turned 3 yesterday. I spent the day preparing for his party and being nostalgic about the day he was born--which seems far less than 3 years ago. He's lost that little baby face and he's bursting into little-boy-hood. Too sweet.


Alexander had a great party. He received lots of trucks and games and Thomas Train accessories from his loving Grandparents and Uncles. And the only clothes he opened were a Maple Leafs Jersey and a new red fleece to replace the too-small beloved one. And the cake was chocolate. A perfect day for a now-three-year old.

All the festivities meant no time for me to get back to fixing the ribbing on my must-have cardi--I'm trying to squeeze some time in today. But we're hitting a massive holiday-birthday season in this family and the committments are piling up--it totally infringes on my knitting time, which I need to remain calm during all the craziness. I did turn the heel on the first giant sock (men's 11.5). I'm still surprised by how large they look.

Ms. Fix It (?)

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and condolences about the ribbing screw-up--it really made me feel better. And an extra-huge thanks to Lynn who made the suggestion I decided to try. She put me on to a "correction tutorial" she got from Joe. With some modification this just might work.

1. Using a circular needle (an addi turbo works very well) I picked up all the stitches just above the middle of the ribbing. I picked up the knit stitches on the right side of the vees and the purl stitches I just pick up two loops in a row.

2. Using a second circular I picked up all the stitches 2 rows below the first needle in the same manner. Here's what it looked like when all the stitches were picked up.


3. Then I took the scissors and snipped the yarn at the right edge between the two needles.

4. Next I unraveled the ribbing between the two needles being careful to catch any stitches I missed or did incorrectly (an excellent use for dpns). This took a really long time.

5. When that was done the ribbing looked like this:


6. Using the short piece I added new yarn and knit the required number of missing ribbing rows minus one (which will be the row created when I attach the pieces).

Then I stopped because the next step requires time and patience (both of which I have in short supply at the moment). I need to kitchener the whole thing back together. I'm not absolutely sure how to do this with purl stitches but I have a book that has some instructions. I'll report on how that all goes when I get the time and energy to do it.

2 rows!*$&%^#%@(%*

So last night I was knitting away on my Must-Have Cardigan fretting about what I would blog about today. I knew showing you the almost-to-the-armholes-progress was pretty ho hum. Well, turns out I made a major f-up and I have lots to talk about today.

I went to measure the piece I'm working on against the front piece I've finished and I noticed something wasn't right. I pulled out the back piece to be sure...the ribbing on this piece is two rows shorter than the other pieces. AND IT SHOWS! (insert vitriolic swearing here).

look for the purl bumps to see where they should match

I know I need to rip it out and do it again, I *think* I know how it happened (I messed up on setting the cable pattern and I frogged and forgot to recount the ribbing), but I'm so angry that I just don't want to deal with it. At least I was smart enough to not take action at bedtime and do something drastic (like take the scissors to it). I think I'll let it sit for the day and get back to socks. Ahh socks, a nice easy knit. Famous last words.

***I actually wrote that last night before bed so I could get it all out and sleep. And, I did. Today I'm still really mad about it, but what can you do? I think I'll start a sleeve instead and just pretend it didn't happen like that for a while. I can rip it out when I'm in a better mood.

And yarn presents always make a girl feel better. I got this lovely ball of Bartlett Yarn worsted from Dawnya as a thank-you for sending her the skull scarf pattern.


I didn't expect anything for sharing the pattern, so I really appreciate the yarn and the lovely card (especially since I'm on the yarn diet). Dawnya suggested it would make some nice Fuzzy Feet and I think she's absolutely right. Especially since the temperature dropped 15 degrees C and we have snow.

The Old and The New

The blog is looking good (enough for now at least) and the vest is completed (except for the new buttons--hopefully in the mail today) so I'm looking for something new. Here's what I came up with:


Isn't it great? It's the left front piece of my Garter Stitch Entrelac Coat from Debbie Bliss' Noro 1 (which I'm calling the Anniversary Coat since the yarn was my Anniversary gift). I'm using Kureyon in colour 80 and I'm having great fun with it. I'm not a huge fan of entrelac, but in garter stitch it lays nice and flat and with kureyon the colours make it ab fab. It felt good to get this started after all the troubles I had getting the pattern.

But I was also tempted by a stalled project in the work basket:


Remember the Must-Have Cardi? I'm not sure why I got distracted away from it (must have been the Nature Wool) but I do love this cardi and want to get it finished. I'm going to give it a try, but the kureyon is mighty tempting...


I finished my Lovely Lavold Vest and have been wearing it all weekend. There's pictures in my gallery if you want to see the finished piece. I admit I wasn't sure about how it looked when I first put it on (thanks to everyone who provided compliments at our Stitch and Bitch). It is a nicely knitted piece but I wasn't sure about it on me. But after wearing it out and about I rather like it. It keeps me warm without being too warm and the yarn is yummy to wear and look at.

And, I started the second pair of commissioned socks in Regia Stretch colour 88. I'm not crazy about how the yarn is varigating, but I have no real control over that. These are men's size 11.5 socks (what was I thinking) so these are going to take a while.


I love this yarn though. It has lots of stretch and I love the colour (I'm calling them camoflauge socks). I might have to make a pair for me when the yarn diet is over.

I'm still getting used to the new home so it might be a while before my posts and blog have a consistent look. There's some things to get used to here at Typepad, but I sure love how the blogs look--nice and clean. And while some things are trickier (just because I don't know the procedures) things like photo galleries are a snap. And I have enough disk space to last me for a while.