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What's Next?

I have a whole bunch of "I want to start it now" projects in the stash, but have some little things I need to knit first before I get to choose. I want to get more done on my Entrelac Coat--which means figuring out where I left off and how to do Entrelac again.

I also have a project on the go for a book that will be published in late 2004--that's on the needles now and it's coming along well. The pattern itself is not challenging, but it is stretching my abilities with colour selection which is making it a fun knit. I think that's all I'll reveal for now.

And, Mom's birthday is in January so I need to get going on her Angora mitts. I want to start them (I wound the skeins yesterday and it's amazing--Lorna's Laces Angel in Aslan), but we're off to her place tonight and I can't bring them along. So, my easy travel project is a beanie-type hat for me, in Silk Garden, colour 84, given to me by Katherine in a little gift exchange. It's my first time with Silk Garden and I can see much much more of it in my future.


Craig's scarf is not-to-be. The yarn is just not working for either of us. He wants something finer gauged, and I can't get a pattern I like to work with this stuff. It will make a nice headband and mitten set for someone, someday. I think this is one of those times, when all else fails, to choose Koigu. If we can agree on a colour (likely a solid since he thinks the Painter's Palette is all girlie stuff) I would have no problem making him a Koigu scarf, though I might use Kersti since it's not so fine. Mmmm Koigu.

And thanks to everyone for their lovely compliments on my Must-Have Cardigan. The buttons are clay-looking (plastic!) with some little speckles of taupe and grey on them--nice and subtle--there are some new photos with all the details in my Gallery. If you want to make one, join the knit along that Kate is coordinating.

No more posts for me for a couple of days. Happy New Year to everyone. May it bring happiness, health, prosperity, and plenty of yarn (and a completed PhD for me!).

I'm a bit late this morning...

but that's because I spent the time finishing this:


I'm going out today to get the buttons, but as you can see, it fits great! Here's the back:

Even though I fought with it and learned that I really need to pay attention when I knit cables, I absolutely love it (but I'm glad it's finished). I'm taking today to knit and relax before we start on more holiday madness. New Year's Eve is also my Dad's 60th birthday, so we're going back to Peterborough for another visit and more revelry--I'll be more cautious with the spirits however.

so very tired

I had a great Christmas, but don't have much to say because of exhaustion and hangover--we decided to have one more bout of Christmas cheer last night, and, well, overdid it. I'll post again when I don't feel utterly awful anymore.

The good news is the I'm going to pick up the bands of the Must Have Cardi!!!!

White Christmas?

I'm no Christmas zealot. I didn't decorate, there were no Christmas cards, I'm not even particularly excited, but waking up to pouring rain and temperatures that reflect April instead of December, gets me down. I grew up in a Northern community and like to see lots of snow of Christmas--not foggy, dreary browness. So I'm doing a snow dance today (in private thank you very much).

And, preparing for the Christmas visit-a-thon. The gifts are wrapped, and I'll be spending the afternoon trying to get everything in the car. Tonight we're going to my in-laws for Christmas I--we'll be opening gifts there tomorrow. Later that afternoon we're off to my parents' house for Christmas II--where most of my family is congregating for a big two-day festival of presents and food.

In knitting news, I'm this close to finishing my Must-Have Cardi. The first sleeve is done and the second is more than half-way done. I wasn't going to take it with me, but I would love to get it finished so I could assemble it in those days between Boxing Day and New Years--so I'm trying to squeeze it in. I'm also taking Craig's scarf--a nice blue/black marl in mistake rib--for those times when knitting cables is too holiday-hectic.


So Happy Ho Ho to everyone, and if you're not in the Christmas way--have a nice relaxing day off.

Christmas Knitting DONE!

The felting went 50% well. My new Chicago bag was a smashing success as you can see:


I used it on Saturday night when I went to see The Return of the King (excellent film) and this bag holds a surprising amount of stuff. The Kureyon felted with three wash cycles, though the bag is somewhat wider than my first try and Theresa's Kureyon one.

The fuzzy feet didn't fair so well. I over felted them and they are too small for the recipient! I had them on for a while to try to stretch them, but they were too small and my feet started to hurt as they shrunk around them!


I decided that I'll bring them to the gang that's getting together for Christmas, and whomever they fit first can have them.

So, on Friday, I was one gift short. Last night I got down to business and knit up Nakiska. It was a quick knit and really nice. I didn't have any fancy yarn on hand so made mine out of Cascade 220.

It's for a man anyway so angora might have been too feminine. I'm happy with it and will make myself one out of the lovely ball of Silk Garden that Katherine bought me for Christmas.


It was part of a gift exchange that my Stitch and Bitch group did on Friday night over dinner and beers at Fionn MacCool's pub. We didn't knit, but we shared some holiday spirit and had a fun time. There was some mischief. I knit my giftee a lovely little gag gift. Here it is (but it's a wee bit adult--so click with caution). It's actually stuffed with chocolates, but could be a "sexual appliance cover" in a pinch!

Hot pink musings

I'm loving this kureyon 124, and can't wait to get into the hot water and felt it. The hot pinks and reds will make a fab bag to go with my black winter outerwear wardrobe.


I bought 10 balls of it, and I can see a hat for myself coming along too. Maybe Coronet from the latest Knitty. I'm curious how it would look with cables; but also worried that stripes running in two directions will be too busy. The rest will become a booga bag and multidirectional scarf for the gift stash. I don't want to go crazy and be a matchy-matchy girl.

That's Better

The new booga bag strap worked! As I mentioned in my comments yesterday, I decided to remove the strap (not an easy thing) and cut it in half. Then I whipped stitched the cut edge and refelted it. I dried it by clamping it to a table and stretching it to another spot and clamping that end too. Now, it's perfect:


I also finished the bottom of my Kureyon Chicago Bag. Check out Theresa's finished version--it's fab! Remember the pattern is for sale through Threadbear and she's setting up to offer a PDF version too. Now I really want to get this one done.

I worked a bit on the fuzzyfeet too--I'm almost done the first one.


And I should say the reason I've been a knitting machine these past weeks is because of jury duty and the fact that I haven't touched my thesis. This seems to be typically dissertation behaviour. I handed in a chapter and the wheels slowed down. They stopped because of jury duty and like a steamship it takes a while to get to full speed. Of course Christmas-related stuff doesn't help. And frankly, I haven't felt like working. This all changes today. Once I finish this, I'm getting back to outlining my results so I can have approval by my committee in early January and get writing this thing.

Finally, has anyone seen my fifth Britanny 6.5mm double point? I was using it yesterday and it's disappeared. I've combed the house and can't find it. Me thinks the kids played with it and mislaid it but they're denying everything.

Partial Success

Fuzzyfeet are finished and dry and look pretty neat. I think they're small enough for my Aunt's size 6 feet, if not we can throw them into the washer on Christmas day and have a felting party.


I just started a pair for her partner--I have no idea what size his feet are--which will need to be re-felted for sure. It's funny I said I wouldn't knit Christmas gifts this year but the lure of felting got me going.

I also finished my first Booga Bag and well, I'm not sure about it. The bag itself is perfect, it's the straps I'm not keen on.


Being a lazy sort, I used my Barbie Knitter to whip out a tube which felted fine but is a tad thick for the bag. And, I decided to get fancy and use eyelets which made the holes in the bag totally unflexible meaning the straps do not move at all in the bag. It looks nice, but I'm not sure about it. If it was for me I'd be fine with it, but it's a gift for Emma's teacher so I'm just not sure.

And, I started another one of Theresa's fab Chicago Bags--for me--this time in Kureyon (124). It's the thing I want to knit the most right now (it is felting and Kureyon).


I worked on it a bit at the Knitty Launch Party last night. It was fun to be at Village Yarns with lots of knitters and friendly staff and gorgeous fibre. Yarn diet be damned, I bought some lovely King Extra Merino to make Craig a scarf to go with his new leather jacket.


I have to say that knitting really is geared to women--it was difficult to find a yarn interesting enough for me, but "manly" enough for Craig. I love Noro, but everything has a "girl" colour in it that my guy will zero in on immediately. This one is a black/blue marl and met with his approval. I think the scarf will be my uncomplicated take-along to Christmas gatherings project.

Felting Frenzy

First, more (but not much better) photos of the Chicago Bag. I sewed on a jumbo metal snap (being careful not to have my stitches go right through the flap) to keep it closed. The snap is a bit tight, but it works well. Here is is with my jumbo wallet, handcream, phone, and eyeglasses case. There's still a bit of room for lipgloss and my Palm.


And here it is in use from the front and side:

I love this purse--this one's a gift, so I'll be making myself one in Kureyon next chance I get.

To continue the felting frenzy, I finished knitting my first Booga Bag (another great pattern) on Saturday night and will felt it today. I shamelessly stole the great striping idea from Kate. And thankfully I had just enough yarn to finish it.


It's going to be felted with my first pair of Fuzzyfeet which I finished last night.

These are for my Aunt who has teeny feet. So I'm going to felt them a bit big and let her re-felt them to get a perfect fit.