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This is gonna be great!

I swatched the Silkroad Aran for Rogue. Yummy. It took a couple of tries to get the needle size right, but here it is, washed and ready to go: rogueswatch.jpg I'll start with the sleeves since they're knit flat. I still have to do an in-the-round swatch--I hate doing those, all those ends drive me nuts--I figure I'll do it when I start the body.

I also worked on Craig's vest and I'm 99% sure I won't have enough yarn. I'm taking a page from Alison and just knitting now and worrying later. I can always put a stripe or two at the chest so all is not lost.

I guess I'll be making another deal with myself today: work until lunch then I can start a sleeve as break, and then back to work. It sort of worked yesterday. I worked until lunch, knit a bit and got back to it. But then I cleaned my desk (it really had to be done--stuff kept falling on me) which lead to cleanings some files, which lead to... you can see where this goes. Well the trick is to keep working at self-discipline.

The Postman rung twice!

I got a bunch of mail yesterday. My first pair of Dansko shoes arrived! They're great. This knit blogger kept showing off her collection and virutally enabled me into buying these: trusted-footwear_1776_10632962.gif
from ebay. I have trouble finding shoes that are comfy and cool, these are great! Too bad there's so much snow out there--it'll be a while before they go outside.

Then my Elann order arrived. Highland Peruvian wool in Allspice to make Xander's Classic Aran, and some in black to make myself a felted vest for under my leather jacket (I hope Craig's works!). I also bough some Sock it To Me Colori in Highland Heather because I loved the colour.

With this lovely package was another one! My yarn for Rogue arrived--two weeks from Australia--not bad. 19 luscious balls of Jo Sharp Silkwater Aran in Beach--it's soft and gorgeous and will make a perfect Rogue. I started a swatch before bed last night (well in bed--instead of reading). I haven't found the right needle size yet.

All this yarn made me want to clear out the knitting basket, so I finished this:


and these:

I love my new mittens. My hands were nice and warm today. Now to resist swatching for Rogue. I'll make myself a deal--work until lunch and then I can do a swatch--then back to work!


We got a BUNCH of snow yesterday. I decided to get out of the house and hit the library and then the Organic Buddha for a latte. I was reading about definitions of health, being productive, when I noticed it was REALLY snowing. We've been having snowy weather for a few days now, but this was enough for me to be concerned about getting the kids home from daycare. So I went home. I dug out the car and met Emma's school bus at the daycare, dressed Xander and got home. We then spent a great time playing in the snow, shoveling, and even doing a bit of sliding on the snow mountains in the yard. Then we went in for a good old-fashioned meal of French Canadian Pea Soup (from my Memere's easy recipe), fried ham and crusty bread.

I was wearing my Banff the whole time! In fact I was so warm with all the playing I took off my jacket and played in the snow in just my Banff--it was nice and warm and the wool kept me dry. What a great sweater.

I spent the evening working on the Cotton Candy scarf with Sirdar Snowflake yarn. With the addi turbos, this yarn isn't totally horrible to work with. I may make Em a sweater with it yet. I really like making scarves using the Multidirectional Scarf pattern--it's a good way to make a garter stitch scarf interesting. And, the self-striping yarn looks pretty neat:


I'm thinking of a way to make Emma's sweater using this technique. It would work with a simple drop shoulder--I could just make two big squares for the body. But I'm not sure about neck shaping--though it might work with a v-neck. Hmmm--I'll have to keep thinking about this.

Well off to work for me--I want to pick up the kids a bit early so we can play in the snow.

Boring stuff, but progress nonetheless

We had a blizzard here last night, that's continuing today. It's not the biggest snow storm I've ever seen, but it is messy out, so I stayed in last night, cocooned in Banff, knitting away. I worked on Craig's felted vest mostly, and there's nothing really fascinating about it--I have about 7 inches done, and 8 inches to go before the armholes (there's a picture in the Now Playing sidebar). I'm knitting it all in one piece to the armholes so I don't have to seam. And, it's really really long because it will be felted--I had to factor that in. So I have lots of loose stockinette stitch in front of me. I don't really mind because Craig will appreciate it and it's nice non-taxing work.

I did some good work on the thesis yesterday, maybe the writing groove is starting!


My sweetie Craig took the kids out Saturday afternoon, leaving me to rest and nurse my cold, and finish Banff! I got smart Friday and skeined and washed the yarn I needed for the seaming and the neck so no rewashing was required. So all I needed to do was mattress stitch and knit the neck. I love it!
I know this is sort of an erethral photo, but it's the best one I could come up with. I'll admit this isn't the most flattering sweater on me, and I think I over blocked the ribbing so it's really boxy, but it's warm and comfy--exactly what I wanted. It's a "curl up on the couch on a cold day" sort of sweater--perfect. There's another photo of it in my gallery. It was not a good yarn to seam with--it kept breaking. And I would wash it all up first before I used it again (I have lots left) because it was much easier to knit once all the spinning oils were out of it. This is going to be the sweater I throw on when I'm freezing at my desk (which is almost always!).
Now to get to what I should be doing at my desk...the cold is better so I have no excuses...right?

Stop Me Before I Start Again!

I can't seem to stick to any knitting project lately. I finished Banff yesterday (it'll premiere tomorrow) and one sock and one mitten. I started Craig's vest, and a scarf. And I want to start a bunch of other things. What's up with that? I'm usually one to not have too many projects on the go because I don't like feeling overwhelmed (and hell I don't have the space for a ton of WIPs).

The scarf is a justifiable start, even if it's not my usual type of project. And, I found a knit-along for it:

It's for one of Emma's friends (part of her 5th birthday present). It's made from Sirdar Snowflake Magic in a bunch of frothy pink tones. I'm using the Multidirectional scarf pattern to make it interesting. I have a love/hate relationship with this yarn. It sucks to knit with--no stretch, hard to see the stitches--but really soft and loved by all who receive them (in the under 6 set anyway). Emma has already made a request for a jacket out of the same yarn (which I foolishly bought a bag of on ebay last year). I'm calling it the "cotton candy scarf". It's in my Now Playing section--but the colours are much lighter than the photo--think bubble gum. It'll be a quick knit though. Hopefully Emma will forget about the sweater request--I'm not adding any more WIPs until I clear the basket a bit.

I should've joined up

Alison's rip-along that is. In a thesis-procrastinatory measure I took apart this--a what the hell was I thinking vest from Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch. I admit all that Jaegar Natural Fleece was really cozy but the design was icky and rather unflattering. So half an hour later I had this:


several oddballs which are destined to be cozy scarves and mittens. In fact I took two strands of the light colour and started mittens using this pattern. It was a really satisfying rip I tell ya.

I also finished the last piece of Banff, gave it a wash and now it's waiting to be seamed up. I was really excited about getting it done and wearing it this weekend and then I remembered that the whole sweater will have to be rewashed because the spinning oils will not have been washed out of the neck. Shit. It will take a few days to dry. It has to be done though because there's a lot of crap in this yarn. The colour the water turns scares me (totally opaque grey/brown) so a second washing won't hurt it. Sigh. I'll be sure to model it before re-washing though.

Also, check out Kate's fab Rogue button--if you're knitting along steal it for your site!

Right now I'm fighting the urge to go back to bed. I have a weird cold--no real persistent symptoms--I cough a bit, blow my nose a few times a day, my throat is periodically sore. But I'm soooooooo tired. I think I'll take a nap--I know I can't work--even typing this is making me sleepy.

Rogue Along!

All we need is a button (thanks Kate!) and then it'll be official. Join us as we knit this ab-fab cabled hoodie--Rogue--instantly available here. We'll be starting February 1st or so, but you can join when you want, and finish at your own pace. I know this one will take me a while.

Banff is moving along. I washed and blocked the second sleeve and worked a bit on the front. I was distracted by some swatching. I worked a large square in Cascade 220 that's destined to be a felted vest from Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch. It's for Craig. I like the pattern but want a more than a lightly felted piece so I'm doing some fiddling--it should work fine. It's going to be a giant piece though--Craig's 6'1" and I need to add 1/3 more to the length so it will fit him.

So many projects...

I'm at the raglan shaping for my last Banff piece and I'm in the finishing groove. So I'm thinking of my next new project of course. I'm torn. I've been knitting for myself a lot lately and I would like to make some things for my family.

I want to make the kids each a spring sweater and Craig wants either a scarf (though we still can't find the right yarn) and a felted vest. But I also got this amazing pattern the other day and it's calling me. I even scored the perfect yarn in a private stash-reducing sale from a wonderful gal on one of the knitting lists.


It's Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in colour 122--Beach.

I also got this pattern too and have some lovely Rowanspun Aran to knit it up with. And, while at Curves I thought up a great felted bag design...

See the conundrum? Not to mention I've hit the crunch with the thesis--I NEED to devote more time to it so I can make my self-imposed deadline.