February 23, 2004

This close... I grafted the hood. It was an interesting process of trial and error as I've never grafted knit and purl stitches before. The pattern indicated that I could graft or 3-needle bind off; I didn't want the seam so I opted for grafting. What I did was graft the RS just like normal, but when I came to purl stitches I flip it over, pulled the needles through and grafted on the WS, then I flipped and did the right side, continuing this way until I was done. Here's some pictures--I was alone so I did the best I could to show how I did it: Grafting on the right side: Grafting on the wrong side: I also made sure that I grafted continuously so there would be no holes. This means that if the next stitch was a purl I still threaded the yarn through that stitch and then turned it over to graft. So half a stitch was done on the wrong side at each knit stitch/purl stitch change. I don't think I'm explaining it well, but it did work for me. Look ma no visible seams (I used a dpn to show the grafted part): And here's the finished hood: I was so psyched after this victory. I would be finishing this baby today. Then I tried it on. It seems I was a bit overzealous with the steam blocking and it was too big and not to gauge. So I had to wet it all down and reblock it. Now its sitting to measurements, wet, on my blocking board. I would rather this, than have it all seamed up and ready to go and have it too big. I'll put the fan on it and maybe I can sew on the sleeves tonight...well more likely tomorrow.

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