This close...

Consolation prize

Rogue didn't dry on time for me to sew it up last night. So to console myself I started something new. The Classic Aran from Starmore's The Children's Collection for Xander. I'm using Peruvian Highland Wool I bought from Elann and it's knitting up nicely.


Doing Rogue has really rekindled my love of textured knitting so this sweater was the perfect next-project choice. Besides, it's also rather small so should knit up in a jiffy.

My other projects aren't being neglected. I did work on the socks a wee bit, but they just don't keep my interest. I also hand-felted and re-shaped the back neck of Craig's vest, which is now drying beside Rogue. The entrelac jacket is stalled though--too many other temptations.

I also did some blog housekeeping. My WIPs are now in their own photo gallery.

I also must say that I've shown tremendous restaint today. I have not gone to the basement to see if Rogue is dry. I'm pretty sure it is. I'll try hard to be good and work on it tonight, after thesis.


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