Consolation prize


Hooray! I'm finished Rogue. The last bit was a struggle, but I'm happy with the result:


I really wasn't happy with the hem so I decided to rip it out and start again. No small feat when it's knit into the body of the sweater. So I boldly snipped and unravelled it from the sweater, and then picked up and knit back the hem to the right length, bound it all off and sewed it in. It worked perfectly, no biasing, no wonky cable sides, nothing.

Hemmed edges was just one of the many things I learned by knitting this sweater. I also learned about closed celtic cables and their structure, the perils of over-steam blocking, how to do a fab kangaroo pocket without sewing, and that I can be totally taken in by a sweater pattern--this was one of the most fun knits I've ever done. Here's some more photos from the side and back:



And some silly shots here and here (it really is hard to photograph yourself and get the lighting right).


Rogue looks great Steph! I totally agree that the pattern is a really great one!

Beautiful! It's a pleasure to be taken in by a pattern. Like reading a great novel. I am inspired to get going with mine.

Oh wow! I am so jealous... I have another sweater to finish before I start Rogue-ing. Sigh. I wish I had another pair of arms.

It's beautiful and looks so well done. Have fun wearing it, and enjoying all the compliments I'm positive you will get!

Rogue looks terrific! Fits you perfectly. Great job! So much fun to see a completed one....I'm really motivated now!

Fabulous! It's beautiful, and looks eminently wearable as well. Thanks for giving us all something to strive for! I'm up to about row 60 of the body, but I still have lots to do, and your reports on your experiences with the finishing will be a big help.

Thanks for all the kind words. I wanted to add that I've got an archive of all my posts about Rogue here:

I'll be trying to categorize my posts from now on so that all the entries on one sweater can be archived together.

Lovely! The color you chose really shows off those cables and is flattering. I've just started my rogue and am totally addicted too.

Fab! Now I've got to get back to mine!

really beautiful. can't wait to see it in person!

Kick ass! Rogue looks great! What an inspiration -- can't wait to get started on mine,...

Looks like a keeper! I'm still trying to decide whether I will knit mine sans pocket or not. I was leaning towards "not" but your lovely sweater is making me reconsider.

That is so gorgeous! And thanks for categorizing your posts - what a great resource for those of us who are waiting for our Rogue yarn!

Incredible! What an inspiration you are! I can't wait to start mine!


What a wonderful job!!! It looks great on you.

Wow! I've loved watching your progress, and the final result looks great! It looks so good on you.

Nice! The sizing came out perfectly. You're a star. :-)

Looks fabulous Steph! I'm so jealous. I want to work on mine so badly, but have developed a case of carpal tunnel, so have put Rogue down for a bit. Thanks for categorizing your posts, it will be of great assistance when I get back to my knitting.


It looks incredible. If only you could finish your thesis in the short amount of time it takes you to whip out a sweater ... Hee hee.

That's just gorgeous - and such a yummy color on you too! It was really fun watching from start to finish like that. Yay for you!

Brava! And I like your Rosie poster, too :)

Rogue is beautiful and I really like your yarn choice. Great job!

Okay, now that I've seen yours, I might be taken in and make one of my own. Lovely, lovely work.

Fab ! Fab! Fab !

It is absolutely beautiful. I don't have the guts to knit it *chuckles* i'm too caught up in my other knitting and am not ready to try some of the things in that pattern BUT i have to admit it is a great, stunning sweater!

Oh MAN! I am more motivated than ever. I think your Rogue looks better than Jenna's (but don't tell her I said that LOL) It looks great on you too! Thanks for the pictures.

Oh wow! Okay - now I'll slink back to my little dishcloth... :)

Add me to the list of awestruck fans -- your Rogue is lovely! I just completed the pouch on mine, and am enjoying the process so much.

Fabulous!! Wonderful sweater and it looks great on you.

absolutely fabulous! congratulations on a great job! : )

It looks great! And you knit it so quickly!

My compliment is coming in little late but I thought it still might be appreciated........Your Rogue Looks Amazing!!! Comfy and Stylish. Makes me want to knit one but then the fabulous FO's always do!

that is effin' beautiful! :D

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