February 12, 2004

Can this vest be saved? Chalk it up to impatience on my part, or silly "I have to finish this now" sentiments. I felted the vest last night, and the results were...alright. Here it is before: And here it is after: A few things contributed to the partial success. First, I was knitting on the reverse stockinette facings for the neck and zipper and decided that because they are knit in the opposite direction to the vest they won't shrink properly and I'll have a short vest with a ruffled facing. So I ripped them out. What I forgot was that the back neck stitches were on a holder (so they were live) and I didn't notice before I put it in the washer. They started to unravel. Not much, but enough to mess up the back neck. Also, while this vest almost perfectly matches the schematic (it's just about an inch narrower), the design is not what I anticipated. It has really big armholes--huge. I should have known when I casted off 9 stitches on each side, on each piece, but it didn't really connect in my mind to these gaping wide armholes that resulted. I'm not sure I like it. Also, because I didn't do armhole facings (again because I knew it wouldn't felt properly) the armholes look too big. All that being said, Craig likes it. It just needs some tweaking. For starters I will try to knit the back neck--has anyone ever tried to pick up and knit on felted material?--and fix it. I will then hand felt it. I might also do the same at the armholes--maybe. Then, because it is a bit wide, I might cut and resew the side seams to take them in. I have to let it dry more first, and I don't feel like dealing with it today. Xander is home sick today (he was throwing up last night--ick), so no work for me again--but I will knit. He isn't vomiting today, but I have to be on the safe side. I feel bad for him though because he's missing the Valentine's day fun at daycare. And, Mom left this morning--boo hoo--leaving a very clean house, and a freezer full of home cooking so I don't have to always be thinking up meals (not one of my strengths). I love my Mom--she's so amazing and provides so much support with all the craziness in my life. She didn't find the wool--we've decided it just disappeared.

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