February 15, 2004

Spider Craig and I are not really Valentine's Day people. We don't buy each other stuff or do anything special. It's a fun holiday with kids though because we helped them write their cards and we got lovely handmade things covered in glitter and filled with love. Emma surprised us with some pipecleaner bracelets yesterday morning. The only thing missing was the cinnamon hearts that I forgot to buy. But Valentine's did turn into an excuse to get a big platter of sushi and watch a DVD. The sushi was great as usual and we watched Cronenberg's Spider. What a film. It's hardly a lovey movie, but was amazing. Miranda Richardson was great as was Ralph Fiennes just looked so pained and confused. The imagery was perfect and it was creepy without being gory or crazy like many of Cronenberg's previous films. It's definitely worth a watch. I really wanted to see Lost in Translation...but I'll get that next weekend. I've wanted to see it since reading about it during the Toronto Film Festival. I think I've waited long enough. Rogue is coming along really nicely. I finished the main part of the body and decided to do the second sleeve instead of tackling the hood. I had to redo the upper part of the back due to my gauge getting wonky--too much Bitch'n, not paying enough attention to Stitch'n on Friday. It was worth doing because it looks amazing. This is certainly one of those sweaters where I forgo other knitting until it's done. I'll post pictures tomorrow as I'm on Craig's work laptop (he's obsessed with a computer game on our computer right now) which doesn't support my camera. The vest is still drying. I'm strategizing about how to fix it. I have the back figured out. Craig wants it a bit narrower so I'll likely end up cutting the sides and reseaming. I want to pick up around the sleeves and do attached i-cords (fat ones) to add some more to the shoulders and edges. This means a lot of hand-felting in my future. I think I'll be sticking to felted bags as there are no fit issues. But nothing ventured...

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