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Charlotte's my middle name

Really it is. But, I won't be saying that much while knitting Charlotte's Web. I admit I couldn't resist when Kate emailed and suggested a knit-along. I thought woohoo an excuse to start. So I did.

This is my first lace project and I have to say, knitting lace is hard. You miss one yarn over and you're ripping back to find it. Nonetheless, I'm pleased my first day progress. I'm at the point where I start the transition from one colour to the next by alternating colours every two rows for 16 rows. Pretty eh?


There's nothing like Koigu to raise a girl's spirits. It's so nice to knit with (though difficult to photograph). Here's the colours selected for my shawl:


I was thinking of berries--blue berries, black berries, cherries, raspberries--when I chose these colours (with excellent help from Matt at Threadbear). The turquoise was thrown in because I love the colour (that reminds me of raspberry slush puppies and freezies--why they're washer-fluid blue I don't know).

Kinda makes you want to join in, doesn't it?


Crazy Kid in Crazy Colours

Well, having this energy-draining cold didn't stop me from finishing Emma's vest:


I'm really pleased with it. I'm also very happy with the button holes. I used the simple and elegant solution provided by Sally Melville in her Cross-over top in The Purl Stitch. Here's a close up of the button loops done in reverse stockinette:


And, I think the finished product looks mighty nice on Emma:


Finishing this led me to consider my coming attractions list (since I could start something new, according to my three project+sock WIP strategy). I've decided that I won't be doing Ingeborg. I still find the pattern compelling, but fear I wouldn't wear it. And, I really want to knit summer things. Charlotte's Web is calling me, so that is likely the next project. I've also secured yarn for a bunch of other summer projects, but think I'll concentrate on the Faux cardi for a bit. The entrelac is definately stalled, but not stopped. It's no so tempting now that it's getting too warm to wear.

So many decisions, and not enough time. I have some serious thesis-editing to do. Some for coherence, some for length, but all in all, not a ton of time, so that has to be the first priority. Actually feeling better is the first priority...but that's coming.

Can you catch it from another blog?

Wow, I'm sick. Not horribly sick, but not doing any work sick. Sleeping until noon sick. Feeling like crap sick. It's just a cold, but I'm knocked right out. After reading about how other bloggers have been feeling, I wonder if I picked it up on another blog. You know like a computer virus? Okay just kidding, it's the cold talking. I probably caught it from Xander, who had a cold last week, but barely noticed. Ah to have to resiliance of a three year old.

I felt well enough on the weekend to get some knitting in. I did a few more inches on the Mandarin Faux Cardi (which is still too boring to photograph) and made significant progress on Emma's vest. All that's left is the front bands and weaving in the ends. I chose reverse stockinette bands for finishing, and the button holes will be loops, modelled after the vest/sleeveless top in The Purl Stitch. I think it works nicely:


Hopefully I can finish it tonight. Right now it's time for something to eat and then back to bed. Hopefully a day of sleep will help me get over this thing.


I finally got some solid knitting time in yesterday. And, I finally figured out my wireless network; one little setting was messing the whole thing up. At least now, this lovely laptop isn't sucking up all my free time.

I finished the two fronts of Emma's vest and even started the top back. I love knitting for kids--it's almost instant gratification. Here it is:


I had to pin it down because it rolls like crazy. I'm still deciding what to do with the bands. I think I'll use attached i-cords for the armholes, and might do a ruffly neck and button bands (well, the buttonhole band will be ruffled, the other plain). But I'm worried it could be too frou frou. I guess I'll be experimenting this weekend.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Tonight I get to knit with my pals, and tomorrow I get to play in the nice weather. Have a good one!

My Toolbox

I've been feeling guilty about not blogging all day. What's up with that? I just didn't have anything to say. I worked on Emma's vest last night, enjoyed The West Wing and that's about it. And, I fought with my wireless network again. I think I have it figured out, but am fearful of declaring it, in case that f*cks it up again.

So, since my knitting content is sparse, I thought I would introduce you to my toolbox:


It's a Black & Decker one that I chose because it would fit my straight needles, which I almost never use, but can't seem to get rid of. We are space-poor in our current living arrangement and this toolbox sits in the hallway. Someday I'll have my own knitting room/office where I can have my stuff strewn about (well neatly, because I'm not good with clutter). For now, the trays, space and boxes on this baby will have to do. The other reason I like it--it's black and utilitarian, not quilty/pinky/pretty like much knitting stuff. This for example:


Which I confess is mine. It was a gift, and a rather useful one, but I won't be seen in public carrying around that bag. Ahh, the elusive, perfect knitting bag. Something I have not found yet.

Boring Blogging, but pretty pictures

K 100. Turn. Purl 100. Turn. Yep, lots of stockinet stitch going on right now. Makes for pretty boring blogging. But Emma's vest is turning out lovely:


I'm almost at the armholes, so it's going quickly too. I knit one ball of the Imagine for my faux-cardi, but decided to concentrate on Em's vest because I know she really wants it, and being five, doesn't hide her anticipation.

Since the knitting is a bit boring, I'll show you the nifty new laptop bag I got from a fab company called Tom Bihn . Here's the ID messenger bag:


Nifty, but no big deal right? Well, look inside.


I love the bright sapphire blue. In the back there's the case the laptop goes into. It's called a Brain Cell and has a great design. The case is hard plastic, and the laptop sits in a heavily padded sling inside the case. The sling is shorter than the case, meaning that if you pull an oopsy and drop it, the bottom of the laptop won't slam into the floor.


Neat eh? It had me sold. I can carry the brain cell alone if I just want to jaunt out for a bit without extra trappings. And for me, it's a good place to store the computer safely from the kiddies.

I have to add, that this was a great company to deal with. Shipping was lightening fast, everyone was friendly and courteous, and they went out of their way to help with my many questions. They even posted pictures on their forums to show what you could cram into the bag.

Okay, enough gushing. I love the bag, and am pleased with the company.

Now to get out in the sunshine, hit a coffee shop and work with my new toys. I'm in a happy thesis place right now--I'm revising instead of writing.


After several swatches, here's the one that got gauge:


This is Classic Elite Imagine, a cotton/rayon blend destined to be the Mandarin Faux Cardi. I have about an inch of the back finished, so it's none too exciting. This yarn is a bit difficult to knit with. The rayon splits a bit and can leave yucky looking pulls if I'm not careful. And it's slippery stuff; I have the ball in a zip-lock sandwich bag to keep it together. And I didn't wind all the balls up like I usually do--I'm afraid of finding a huge tangled mess in my knitting basket, so I'll have to wind them a few at a time.

Will it be worth it? I think so. The fabric is cool and drapey, and I like the cut of the sweater. And it looks like spring, even if it doesn't feel like it yet.

Happy Boy

I finished Xander's Classic Aran yesterday, and it was a mommy-gratifying experience. He loved it. He wore it most of the day, even to nap. I'm glad he likes it, because the way it *just* fits means he better wear it a bunch now because it won't fit later. I confess I overdid it with the pictures, but he's just too cute, and my baby.


And two more for the cute-obsessed more pictures here and here. There's some other photos in my Stills gallery, including one of just the sweater.

This was a fun sweater to make, but the sizing runs a bit small. Xander is only 3, but he's a big kid, so I made the largest size. Even with extra length on the sleeves and body (about an inch) it just fits. I guess Scottish kids are small or something. I also liked the Highland Peruvian wool I used for this (available at Elann), it was easy to work with. And the Starmore pattern had all those little details that make for a really nice sweater.

Happy Birthday Blog!

Wow, I've officially been blogging for a year now. I'm a little surprised that I liked it enough to get this far and continue.

Tune in tomorrow...the Classic Aran is finished and Xander hasn't taken it off yet (bath time will be interesting).

Love is...

Casting on 670 stitches to make a ruffly border on your daughter's vest. 670. It took forever. The ruffle was all the knitting I did last night. I decided to do the vest in one piece to the armholes so at least I only have to do it once.


Doesn't look like much, does it?