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Did I speak too soon?

I put the collar on the Mandarin Faux Cardi last night and that went just fine.


Then I started the reverse crochet edging that goes on the cuffs, hem and left and right edges. That didn't go so fine. It took me forever to get the hang of the stitch and once I did it didn't work out so well. The edge is all curly and yucky. It is likely partly because the unfinished edge rolls anyway and possibly because the stitch is stretching the edge (ie making it longer).


I will have to rip back and try again. I think I won't use every edge stitch but 3 of 4 or something. I'm not that optimistic though as I tried that with one of my not-quite-right reverse sc without much difference. Any suggestions? Anyone? I'm so close to finishing this and I can't stand all these little toubles. I suppose blocking will help and the addition of the middle panel. Arrrrgggggh.

I think I'll take my laptop to the coffeeshop and drink lattes to get away from this.

This project can be saved

Well, the Mandarin Faux Cardi might work out after all. I sewed in the first sleeve last night and it looks good. To recap, I made the 43" body and tried to do the sleeves as directed. But, the armhole was too small and the picking up and knitting down just didn't look right. So, I decided to make the largest sized sleeve and sew it into a wider armhole. And that seems to work.

I finished the second sleeve last night, just as the Leafs won their first game against Philly (a rather decisive victory too). It's blocking and tonight I will start the finishing work--collar and reverse single crochet edging. After all my bitching, I might have a nice sweater. I still believe this pattern has problems, explaining the crappy photos in IK. The armholes are wrong, it's too short, and the teeny model is wearing a large size making it look much different than on someone who really should be wearing a 39" bust. I bet they pinned it too.

At least I had enough sense to not follow the pattern blindly and wonder what I did wrong. I'm growing up as a knitter...sniff.

Okay enough sarcasm. I'm back to work. Though I took a lovely outdoor patio lunch break because the weather is so gorgeous I couldn't resist. Pictures tomorrow!


I worked until 10pm last night so I didn't do much knitting. I did put a heel on my sock-in-progress though.new_heel. Pretty eh? I got the idea from Lucy Neatby's new book. I like the "mitred" look and the fact that I didn't have to hide the wraps (a skill I'm not consistently good at). I think it will wear better too. I've never had a hole in my hand-knit socks...yet.

Well it's back to work for me. I'm getting a wee bit stressed about the stuff I have to do in the next month (could someone tell me where the hell April went?). I guess the only way out of it is to just keep slogging along.

No yarn eating for me

Yep, it was pink eye. I have anti-biotic eyedrops. They're working. The eye-pain has lessened and my eyes look a wee bit less red. Hopefully I'll be back to normal by tomorrow. Today, is back-to-work day though, because I'm stressing about my lack of progress.

I knit a teeny bit of the second sleeve of the Mandarin Cardi and that's it. I mostly laid around with warm compresses on my eyelids. Maybe I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow. In the meantime, check out Rachel's and Em's posts on their experiences at The March for Women's Lives.


Yep. That's how I feel. Bleh. My cold didn't get better. In fact, it turned into a lovely case of baterial conjuntivitis--pink eye. I'm off to the Doctor this afternoon to get something to make it better. It's going around the kids' daycare and I have all the gooey symptoms, with a lovely eye-pain for extra fun. If it's not pink eye, I'll eat this: summer_banff_back

It's the back of Summer in Banff. I love it. The Araucania has lovely little colour variations and is sooooo soft. I wish it were done now so I could snuggle up in it and sleep. It was also a quick knit. I think I will do a sleeve next so I can see how the lime knits up.

I also got one sleeve done on my Faux Mandarin Cardi. It's drying now and I'll sew it in tomorrow and see if I will continue with the sweater. I found some great pants to go with it (yesterday was an unusually good shopping day), so I'm more motivated to make this sweater work.

Now I'm off to put a warm compress on my eyes and sleep. I have so much work to catch up on, but I've decided that sitting at the computer pretending to be productive is getting me nowhere. I'll rest and get better and then work myself sick again getting caught up...sigh.

Love the Yarn, Hate the Skein

I spent the evening watching the Leafs lose and winding my skeins of Araucania Nature Cotton with my handy dandy swift and winder. It was awful. These skeins were all tangled and messy. I had to wind most by hand because I had to weave the ball through tangled masses of yarn. I love the feel of this stuff, but I was almost driven over the edge by the tangles. I usually will have one skein in the batch that's messy, but all these looked like this:


Notice all those loosey-goosey bits? I did get all ten skeins wound before bed. I also swatched, washed, ran it through the dryer, and got a few rows of ribbing done. It will be a nice, soft, squooshy sweater.

I joined the Araucania Nature Cotton Knit-Along too. Check it out (the button's on the left).

Cold Remedy

I have a cold. Not a bad one. Just the kind where you feel icky, but aren't sick enough to take on the "sick role" as the sociologists call it. You know, the ability to remove oneself from the responsibilities of everyday life and instead take on the responsibilities of being sick--laying on the couch, sleeping all day, whining. I just get to drag my ass around and not say much instead. (Except here--I can say what I like in this space.)

The problem is, I have the kind of job where I read all day...boring academic papers lately. The kind that make a girl sleepy even if she's healthy and perky. This is not good. But I'll give it a try because the work's been lagging a bit this week.

The carrot that keeps me going? A new project of course. I should keep working on the Faux Mandarin Cardi, but shoulds are for work. Knitting is play, so I can start something new. I took my lovely Araucania Nature cotton out of the stash and will swatch today (after I read an article or two).

The plan is to make a zip jacket based on Jenna's fab Banff sweater pattern (which is my favourite lazy-day winter sweater). I rewrote the pattern to make it with a smaller ease (44"), and a bit less ribbing. The sleeves will be narrower, but the main detail--that lovely raglan shaping will stay the same. The body will be turquoise (05) and the sleeves lime (13)...a bit bright, but I think it's fun. I'm calling it Summer in Banff. Now if I could only be this inspired about revising my section on biomedical definitions of health...

As promised

Here I am all gussied up for The Producers (which as Fab by the way). I wore the shawl and love it! (Thanks for all the compliments--It's always so nice to hear from other knitters).



Now it's back to the Faux Mandarin Cardi. I ripped out the picked up sleeve because the armhole depth was too narrow. Now I'm making the largest sleeve size (I'm making the 43.5" chest) and I'm sewing the sleeve in. The picked up stitches were not right and I think the seam will add some stability. I think these changes will help and I might have a Spring sweater.

Stephannie Hearts Charlotte

She's all finished! Yep, the crocheting got better as I worked on it, and after hours of fringing, I laid her on the carpet for a good wet-blocking. (Just in time to see the Habs beat Boston too!). Here's the shawl and a million pins:


It ended up a few inches shorter than the desired 76"--my stitches were too tight at the beginning and end of each row (I'll go up a needle size next time)--but I don't notice. With the fan on, it took about 12 hours for it to dry. The kids were only around it for about an hour taking turns hoping over it--so it was just enough time to avoid disaster.

Here it is on the bed to somewhat better show off the colours:


And a close-up of the nifty lace pattern:


And the obligatory fence shot (that's how it's displayed on the pattern--ignore my tikki lights):


I'll post a picture of me with it on tomorrow (I'm wearing it now but don't feel very photogenic-read presentable). I'm going to see The Producers with my Dad so I'll be looking snazzy.

I loved this project so much I'm thinking of making another one. The lace pattern was fun and easy, koigu is well, koigu--always yummy and the whole project was quick and fun. And tonight I'm free to do no-brainer knitting while I watch game seven--go Leafs go!

Great Knitting, Bad Hockey

This weekend was all about Charlotte. I have the shawl off the needles, and I love it.


I'm now doing the crocheted edge. This is taking some time. I crochet really really slow. Especially when the Leafs are in overtime (and lose-pooh).

I'm trying to keep it loose because this baby needs to be seriously blocked. I'm concerned the long side (top) might be too tight and my shawl won't be as long. But I have faith in wet blocking so we'll see. Now to find somewhere to block it.