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Baby Boy Sweater One

I have a nice pile of Mission Falls 1824 cotton oddballs. I like this yarn, especially for baby sweaters. So I decided to make one for my cousin's new guy born last week. I have both of Mags Kandis' Wee Knits books and I love them. But, fresh from my poncho success, I thought I would make something up of my own. I wanted to knit in the round to avoid extra finishing and to see if I could convert a pattern this way. So I used the measurements of a sweater I liked and knit away. Here's my progress so far:


My only concern is the stripe pattern which I made up as I went along. There are four different coloured stripes. The thing is, the sleeves are longer so I will end up repeating the greenish stripe in the wrong sequence after the sleeves are joined. I guess I should of planned. Little Fisher likely won't notice though, or he'll work on his brain development with irregular patterns. Thing is, will it bug me? Maybe. Will I rip back and replan? Probably not.


Your Charlotte Poncho is lovely! I wouldn't worry about the stripes either, just call it a design element!

I've got to agree with Chris... It's stuff like that that will make it a completely unique sweater. :) I think it's darling! :)

I love that sweater! I need to make a little 1824 cotton pullover for my nephew (I agree - it's a great yarn for kids' sweaters) and I just might make a stripey one too. So cute!

I absolutely LOVE the Charlotte Poncho! I had just decided that I couldn't afford to knit Charlotte at this point in time, and then you go and knit it as a poncho! Now what am I going to do? I want one! I'll just have to relook at those finances!
Oh, I think the odd striping will be fine. Sometimes predictable stripes are boring anyway.
Thanks for sharing your knitting experiences, they are alot of fun to read about.

No ripping! No ripping in summer, that's a rule (or it should be). It's gonna look fab, just as it is.

Cute! And too bad about Grace, but it sounds like you're over it already. :)

The Devan Along is on. It's only 3 of us at the moment but I figure that's enough to start. I don't plan on starting the sweater until the weekend of the 19th. The other person has already started, so you can begin whenever you're ready. Thanks for joining!

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