It's all over except for the blocking
Wrapping it Up

It's all about form baby

So pinning all that Charlotte onto my rug. Trying to get the shape right over two layers seemed an impossible task. Well, a great knitter on one of the lists suggested I make a form to put the poncho on. After a bit of brainstorming I came up with a nice easy solution. Neat eh?


It's rigid foam insulation that sells for cheap at your local hardware store. It comes in 8 ft by 4 ft sheets so bring your box cutter. This is my blocking surface of choice and these pieces were on their last legs from many pins. I didn't have a piece long enough so I duct-taped two pieces together (you can see it on the left). Then, with some almost-clever measuring, I made a poncho shape and put the poncho on it. I stretched it for length and width, pinned the top and bottom and that was it.

Well, not quite. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to spatial relations. I made my form too long. So while the top and bottom measurements are correct, it needed to be modified slightly so that I could have the bottom edge at the widest point (which could have been a bit wider). That's why the "neck" of my trapezoid is a bit wonky. I figure I'll steam block any weirdness out of it that might occur from my miscalculations and "reshaping" of my form.

All that's left is the neck and possible fringe. And, because I've used up my blocking board, I get a trip to the hardware store (I have a thing for gadgets).


Oooh, that's a really good idea. I ended up blocking my charlotte by covering my table with towels, pinning and stretching charlotte to death, and then piled the towels with hard back books to keep everything in place.

It is sooo pretty. You did a great job. Now you have started something. So many people want ponchos for the 'second' Charlotte!

How clever and inventive you are with the blocking board! I love your poncho and if I made a Charlotte 'anything', it'll definitely be the poncho.

I was thinking to use that stuff for blocking as we have a ton of it in the garage, but I didn't know if it would work. Yippee.

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