Yarn Karma?
It's all about form baby

It's all over except for the blocking

charlotte_poncho_1So, I didn't have the yarn karma yesterday. I had to undo the bind off and do the last two rows in the first green colour. It was no big deal though. I used the same colour for the crochet border so it worked out fine. I'm going to do the neck finishing after it's blocked so I can see how it fits. I'm still thinking about a fringe. I admit I'm a fringie girl. I always wanted one of those deer skin jackets with all the fringe on it. But I don't know how it will work with this because I don't want it too long. I'm also feeling a bit lazy. Doing the fringe for the Charlotte shawl was very boring. (And I'd like to keep the almost 2 full skeins of Koigu I have left for something yummy).

Now to block it. I have a great or possibly silly idea to use a form to block this on. I have to get some work done first, but I'll try it tonight and we'll see how it goes. Let's just say for now that it involves rigid foam insulation and duct tape.


WOW! That is beautiful! I'm jealous!

I think it's lookin' really great. Can't detect a thing about the last couple of rows, so excellent color solution. I was thinking about your fringe. All this shawl and poncho stuff definitely has me harking back to the sixties and early seventies. I actually had a suede vest that had beaded fringe that was two feet long. I really loved it. With boots and bell bottoms - just took much! Re fringe: what about extra long, lush fringe that's knotted not just one row, but for a couple of rows. I guess you'd say netted. That would be a spectacular finish.

I love this, so much. In fact, I'll be right over. Can I borrow it?

Can't wait to see your blocking invention, either!

Duct tape! One of my professors had a calendar with duct tape solutions on every day. I bet they left "blocking shawls" out of it, though.

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