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All finished:


Nice eh? I'm still vacillating on the fringe. I figure I'll wear it out and decide.


Some of you have asked how I "poncho-ized" Charlotte. I'll give you some general directions. You'll have to buy the pattern for the specifics.

First some of the basic principles. I sized the poncho based on Amy's schematic (scroll down to find her fab green poncho). So it is about 26" around at the neck, 18" long on the non-pointy side and about 80" at the bottom (it could be much wider but that's all the blocking form I had).

If you've made a Charlotte this will be easy to understand (I hope). Fold your Charlotte along the middle line so the top edge meets. If you chop off the top of this triangle, you'll have a poncho. So basically, my poncho is the shawl knit in the round starting with more stitches.

I started with a provisional cast on and 114 stitches. Join the round and knit two rows. The 114 sts allows for 1 stitch, 7 pattern repeats, 1 stitch, 7 pattern repeats. So after the first two rows, K1 yo, work 7 pattern repeats, yo, k1, yo, work 7 pattern repeats (reversing the stitch pattern as you do for the shawl at the center point), yo. Knit the next round (the purl row in the shawl pattern).

So, you'll be making those "triangles" that surround the middle of the shawl and make the increases for the front and back of your poncho. This means after 16 rows of the pattern, you add another pattern repeat on each side of the k1 (Four in total). It's just like you do for the shawl (look at the middle of it) I worked 7 rows of triangles before binding off.

I did the crochet edge like the pattern and then blocked. Then I put all the starting stitches on my needle and knit two more rounds. I used an i-cord bind off to finish it off.

I used 4 balls to make this, but dipped into my second ball of the green to complete it because I only had a half skein of the orange. I'm pretty sure it can be made with only 4 if you don't fringe. And, I think it could be blocked longer and wider if needed.

I love my shawl, but I'm sure I'll wear this more because I can be a "woman about town" with my hands free to carry my laptop or chase my kids without losing my koigu! I'm already plotting another Charlotte (my Mom keeps looking at it when she's visiting, with two options I should be able to convince her to buy koigu for me to knit--clever aren't I?).


Thanks for the general directions! I am definetly going to give this a try after I finish my Charlotte and the fourteen million other projects I'm working on. It looks absolutely beautiful!

It fits you so well! Great idea and lovely work.

That looks *great*!

That looks fabulous. I wouldn't add the fringe, myself. Right now with the loop-y edge it looks very stylish, especially with the black pants. I'm afraid that a poncho with multitudinous fringe my come across as somewhat... hippiesque? And that might (just maybe) narrow your fashion options somewhat. It's lovely.

thanks for sharing your technique. After finishing my shawl, I will now try the poncho version. It looks more hip!

Wow! It looks awesome. I love your choice of colours and the trim around the edge.

I am blown away. You just look wonderful and thoroughly modern. For those of us who just can't get into the shawl thang - it is a perfect solution. I like it Sans fringe!

In fact, I love everything about it. You are a knitting Goddess today!

I love it without the fringe.

Thanks for the pointers and I now have an excuse to buy more Koigu and try and make one for myself. Now that I am making the non charlotte shawl (using a St seraphina pattern) with my koigu, as a first lace project, I feel more secure tackling charlotte later this summer and hopefully in poncho form!

Thank you for sharing the tips! Your poncho looks great. I can't wait to finish my shawl and knit the poncho.

I second what Pubah said~ You are a Knitting Goddess! :)

No fringe! It's awesome! I want one, soooo bad. You look terrific. The blocking was inspired, too.

Awesome, Steph! I really love your ponchified Charlotte. It looks great, and great on you. Inspired!

Oh wow - love it love it love it!! :D

Thank goodness for another use for Charlotte! Yay for YOU!! A truly awesome poncho, congrats!

Delurking to say thanks for posting the poncho how-to. I *must* try it.

Steph, that looks just amazing. I haven't been a fan of this whole poncho thing, but now... hmmmm, perhaps a new project has been inspired.. ;)

The poncho really looks great! Love the colors and how you made it work. The edging is very cool (what did you do?). It's just perfect for the "woman about town".

That looks great Stephanie! Thanks for the how-tos, maybe my Charlotte will be a poncho as well.

Amazing! You have definitely inspired me to do a Charlotte poncho!

How smart you are! The poncho from the shawl is just wonderful; thanks for sharing your tips!

Too, too gorgeous. I was sure I'd never make Charlotte, because I'm SO not a shawl person, but I love this poncho. I'm off to get the pattern!

Thanks so much for posting directions. I'm so intrigued by this. And your colors are among the nicest I've seen.

Fantastic. I just finished my mum´s CW and started mine. But seeing your CW poncho I am going to frog it and do the poncho instead. Thanks :)

Thanks for posting this! I'm not much of a shawl wearer (and, quite frankly, still not sure a poncho will make me look like my inner rock star), but this gives me a chance to feed the Koigu addiction some more.

That is awesome! I'm working on my first Charlotte and thinking about another. This is the answer for the second one.

i've been drooling over your poncho since you put the picture up. i think i've checked back everyday to admire it. i think it's fantastic. good work! thanks for sharing it with us.

Where do I find the Charlotte pattern?

Where do I find the Charlotte pattern?

Where do I find the Charlotte pattern?

That is beautiful! Where can I find the Charlotte pattern you wrote about?

I have been looking everywhere for a pattern like this. Could you please tell me where to get this pattern. Thanks, Bev

Where do I find the Charlotte pattern? Great poncho!

The edging is so graceful. Why hide it w/fringe? Absolutely beautful and how clever of you to make it into a poncho!

Anyone ever found where to get this pattern? I would LOVE to buy it. Thanks

How do I purchase the pattern for the knitting specifics? And, what yarn did you use? It is beautiful.


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