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Here we have Melanie modelling Steph's latest finished creation, Devan, a kicky, lightweight cardi made from Regia sock yarn.

Well, we don't have any wee ones around here anymore so Melanie graciously offered to model. Devan was a great pattern to knit and I'm really happy with the sweater. Hopefully baby and new mom will be too. Here's some unmodelled shots too.


Now I have only one baby boy sweater left. It's going to be Sam from Mag Kandis' Wee Knits. This is a sweater I've been wanting to knit for a long time. It's not travel knitting because of the cables, but I'm sure it'll be a fun quick project. Besides I love Mission Falls Cotton.

I decided to get a start on my Mom's Charlotte tonight. And I'm easing back into that familiar lace pattern. I'm wondering if Charlotte's Web is replacing socks as my easy knit on the go or if it's just a fad. There really is something addictive about that pattern.


I'm also trying to destash a bit. I have a Help me destash photo album with some yarn for sale. If you're interested email me (there's a link at the top right of the blog). I'll likely be adding more stuff in the future so keep watching. I'm also interested in trades so make me an offer. This all comes about because I don't think I'm a very good stasher. All that yarn actually stresses me out a bit. I think that's because I tend to buy with a project in mind. Now, I don't always knit that project, but I can't seem to see my yarn as a natural resource which allows me the freedom to start something new whenever I like. Instead I see it as a closet full of stuff I haven't finished. It stresses me to have yarn that isn't slated to be something. I guess it's my Type A personality or something. Thing is, destashing does make me feel okay buying new yarn and starting the process allover again.

Right now I have my eye on this: Klaralund (I was enabled by Wendy)
I have 10 balls of Silk Garden in my stash, though I suspect that won't be enough. I also wonder if it violates my no deep v-neck sweater rule. Well, it's actually a "no deep v-neck boxy short sweater rule" so maybe I'm okay. I guess I need to look at the book and check out the measurements.

More Finishing

Can you believe that I named this post exactly the same as the last one--I think FINISHING is the word of the word of the week boys and girls. Or, I'm losing my marbles.
devan_almostThe thesis revisions continue. They're due Friday and I'm a bit anxious about getting them done. Not so anxious that I spent the night working on them or anything, more the "I'll be fine...right?" anxiousness.

So I spent the evening starting to finish Devan. I did have enough yarn for the buttons bands with some to spare (see that green bit, that's all that's left). Somehow I ended up with one extra button hole, but that hardly matters. I'll need to use those teeny baby buttons for this one, those holes are tiny.

I'm also finding that I like working with fine gauge yarns. It takes for ever to knit, but the finishing work has a delicacy that I like--the seams lie flat, there's plenty of time to ease an armhole in, there's just less bumpiness. But it does take time to sew, and I'll be working on this for a while yet.

The funny thing even with the pile of objects requiring finishing (my design-in-progress, the Onde tank, Booga Bag and Devan) I want to start something new. I actually don't have anything on the needles--just a lot of seaming and edging to work on. I have nothing to take with me on subway rides or to keep me busy waiting at appointments. Thing is I don't know what's next. If I get the time to wind the balls, I might start on my Mom's Charlotte (which is portable in the early stages). I don't feel like starting socks and the cardi I want to make uses a cone of yarn--I ain't lugging that around. Now there's an odd conundrum for me--I don't know what to knit next.


blockingWell actually, not finishing. I took Devan off the blocking board, but only so I could block the Onde tank. Then I was off to Peterborough and I needed a good take-along project. Thankful for the stash, I dug out three balls of Kureyon in 128 to make a Booga Bag. I wasn't driving so I'm almost done--just the i-cord bind off (I like how it makes the edge of the bag more stable) and the evil i-cord. I see my finishing pile growing--and I'm not crazy about that. This week I have to finish my thesis revisions and get the penultimate draft out to the oral examination committee who get six weeks to read it before the defense (September 10). After that, I'll take a stab at those projects, this week I want easy knitting.

This bag is a gift for someone who has been an important mentor in my life (who also reads this blog occasionally so I'm not naming names). She's a knitter who doesn't have access to a close and ready supply of yarn so I'm going to add some fancy sock yarn like Koigu and some 2.25mm needles and a good pattern--a sock starter kit.

So knitter's out there--is it a good thank-you gift? I do like to make knit gifts, but I know they're not for everyone. Right now, I knit for people I know will appreciate it. Because she's a knitter I know she'll like it, but I'm thinking of making some things for my thesis committee too--multi-directional scarves with Silk Garden or something like that. I'm just not sure it's the right kind of gift. Any thoughts? I really do want to acknowledge them for all the support they've provided, but I'm just not sure this is the way. That being said, I can't think of anything better.

About the job. It's a post-doctoral fellowship in the Faculty of Physical Education and Health at the University of Toronto. I will be managing a series of five research projects examining the inception, production and reception of physical fitness information in the Canadian news media. So I will gathering the data for the researchers and collaborating with them on papers etc. It's a great opportunity for me to continue my research on health and media and provides me with good professional development toward an academic career. I'm super happy as this is the opportunity I was looking for. And it doesn't mean much of a life change for me or my family. I'll be working at the university instead of at home, and I'm really happy about that. That's about the only change. Oh, and I'll have an income. It'll probably cut into my knitting time a tad, but I'll have a bit of money to buy yarn, so it's a good trade off. And thanks for all the congratulations--all your good wishes are so fantastic.

Now--Part Two

Alright I had a great post I just wrote, I saved it and Typepad said it was saved. I opened another browser and it wasn't there, so I saved again and it worked fine, so where the hell did it go? How the hell am I supposed to recapture the tone and wit of that first post, especially at this time of night?

And why did this one work? Grrrr.

Anyway, I did really well at my post-doc interview today. I answered all the questions well. I spoke slowly and clearly. I was there for an hour and most of the time was met with nods of approval. One of the Principle Investigators read and liked my dissertation. So it's all great. Now I just have to wait--I'm told I'll know tomorrow. Oddly, I keep thinking of an episode of The Simpsons where Homer wants a handgun and is told there's a three day waiting list: "Aaaaaahhhh, but I'm angry NOW." I say: "Waaaaah! I gotta know already!"

In my first post this evening I mention the non-knitting that's happening: Devan's still on the blocking board, my Onde tank has languished in the knitting bag since we returned from vacation. And I'm apparently sensitive to pink alpaca but not blue. Could be an allergy to the dye, repetitive strain from too much typing and knitting, me sleeping on my hands funny or some other weirdness that can't be explained by science and logic.

So since I don't have much to say, here's some links to some good anti-bush satire sites. The first one is even knit-related, while the last two are my favs--I like some sacrilege with my politics.

Knitters for Kerry
Idiot Son of An Asshole
This Land is my Land
Betty Bowers--gotta love those thongs for sale
Bush is Lord

I'm a published designer!!!!

Check it out:


See that fancy striped yoga mat bag? That's my design. What you're seeing is an advanced copy of Knit Wit, Amy Singer's (of Knitty fame) soon-to-be released, super-duper knitting book.

It's so neat to see my work in print. I have been published for academic stuff, but this is cooler somehow. I think it's because my submission for this book is the first thing I ever designed totally from scratch. And, submitting the pattern led to a whole new world of knitting for me. Not only did I create something for the book, I became friends with Amy and got to witness the whole publication come to life. While I take no credit for the lovely writing, I did read drafts and provided suggestions. And knitting/bitching with Amy, Jenna, Kate and Kathy (who all have amazing designs in the book) over the last year, I have learned a ton about book writing and knitwear design. And, I have some fun friends who share my passion for this craft (and they also like coffee, beer, yarn shopping and other fun stuff).

I'm pumped not only because I have the book in my hands, but because this book represents the results of a chance I took in submitting the design and meeting new people. Hooray!

Of course after this inspirational tale you want to see the book. Well, I can't give the whole thing away, but I'll tell you it's full of interesting and creative patterns, helpful advice and whimsy. Check out Amy's blog for more pictures (including the neato construction of the book itself). It won't be available until the fall, but you can pre-order a copy here.


devan_blockingSo here's the obligatory Devan on the blocking board. So all that's left is the finishing and buttons. It'll be fun to look for some cute buttons for this baby cardi. While it's drying I'm working on my Onde tank. Nothing exciting to report there--just a bunch of stockinet stitch. It will likely be my last tank of the summer. Like Claudia, I'm starting to wonder why I knit these pieces. They're fun to do, but not so great to wear--they need special bras, are too hot or too heavy, or are just plain hard to wear. And, anything I get started now I won't get to wear until next year so what's the point?

Enough about me and my clothing issues. Here's some political cartoons from an American friend of mine.


Fingers Crossed

devan_swatchI had big plans to blog tonight about having Devan on the blocking board. Well, I still haven't had enough time to get the last sleeve finished. I'm close though. I'm still worried that this 4.5" swatch isn't going to yield enough yarn to do the button bands. It's all I have left...I hope I have good yarn karma.

We've been busy here post-vacation. The kids started at a new daycare today and it went really really smoothly. Being a mom, I of course worried about their transition to a new place, but they surprised us and spent the whole day there. They are both taking field trips tomorrow and are super excited, so I'll be able to work tomorrow knowing their safe and happy.

We've also managed to scale Mt. Laundry and run all those little errands that need to be done to get back into the world of the not-so-leisurely. Good thing, it's going to be a busy week. I have a job interview on Thursday for a Post-Doctoral position which would allow me to continue with my research on media and health. I don't want to jinx myself but I really really want this job. It would allow me to work on my academic career without any major disruption to our lives. The project is the logical extension of my thesis work and I liked the two faculty I would be working for. So I'm spending this week reading some of their recent publications, planning some good questions, getting a haircut and thinking of other ways to ace this interview. I've already met with them informally and they've read my thesis so cross your fingers for me.

The only thing bright is my tank

Our vacation is moving along nicely, except for the weather. It's raining. And when it's not raining the sky is menacing and it looks like rain. The forecast is calling of rain the rest of the week. So far, spirits are not dampened but it's early yet. While I knit and drank tea, Craig and the kids were out in rain coats fishing off the dock. When they had enough we trekked off to Belleville to the local Wal-mart and stocked up on rainy things--craft supplies, dvds, munchies, and more fishing gear. Now they're back at the dock and I'm watching a storm come in--those clouds are black.

At least at the cottage everything is relaxed, meals, time, appearance and even hygiene (though not too much). We've even been getting to bed at a decent time and we're rested. So rain or no rain we're having fun. Though a bit of sun and swimming would be nice.

My onde tank is coming along. I finished the back last night. I decided not to go boat-neck and am changing the neckline to something a bit more scooped. I'm following another tank pattern from VK Summer 2001--I found the other pattern a bit to tight at the neck. I'm making this one a bit smaller than I normally do so I'm a bit nervous about the fit. It seems to be the same as Smooch which I like so it should be fine and I might get over my body dysmorphia which compells me to knit things in a size larger than I should.

One other thing about Onde. My orange part is much wider than others I've seen--about 15"--or to the armhole shaping. So I'll have an entire ball of white leftover (and possibly some from the first 100g ball). I might have to get some more Onde before it's all gone.

Too lazy to think of a title

Here’s Danielle. I like her. Though she makes me look at little more buxom than I’m used to. It’s a combination of the ribbed pattern and the strapless bra. I also think it needs a wash and dry to shrink it up a bit.
I have a habit of making things too big. Danielle could have been a size smaller. In fact, I had to do a bit of creative sewing to make this one fit. The upper body has 5 increases to accommodate the “girls” and well, my 37” chest measurement is more ribcage than bust, so I didn’t fill it out properly. It gaped under the arms, a lot. So I just seamed it straight. After I wash it, I’ll sew it with the machine and cut off the excess so it doesn’t bug me.

One other thing I learned: the importance of selvage stitches. How did I learn it? By not using them and having a hell of a time sewing up the bottom lacey bits. The edges don’t look terrible, but they could have been better.

So now for the modelling, not bad eh?



That was last night at my Mom and Dad’s place where I spent a leisurely weekend. I got to see most of my extended family, went to some of the festivities celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Peterborough lift locks, had a lovely dinner with my Aunt and Mom at 38 Degrees (a birthday treat from my Aunt) and saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Spider Man 2 with my Dad (see I’m sticking to my “go see more films” pledge). I was rather impressed with Spider Man 2. There was a story, character development, humour, a real plot. It wasn’t just some silly action film. It wasn’t the best in film making or anything, but I really enjoyed it and it was fab on the big screen.

Now I’m at the cottage, gazing at the lake, trying to get the kids to settle down to sleep, full of barbequed steak and watermelon and just enjoying the quiet time. I’ve also started a new project. It’s a boat-neck shell using Phildar Onde. I’m finally a Phildar Fille. I’ve been watching this yarn on the blogs all spring and finally gave in (helped along by Rob’s blog). The colour is Orangeade and I love it--it makes me think of Creamsicles. I also bought some Koigu for another Charlotte’s web shawl for my mom. I’ll show you that when I start knitting it.

Well the tranquility beacons, back to loafing.