The right decision


Behold, lovely pinky/orange Charlotte's Web the Third:


She's really pretty. I can't wait to give it to Mom. I went up a needle size for this one and it blocked out to the correct size. My blue one is a tad smaller.

I did have a ton of trouble with the fringe, because I ran out of yarn. I had most of the fringe attached, so I had to remove each one and take out a strand (instead of 6 strands each now has five). And I still didn't have enough. Luckily I had a teeny ball of something similar in the stash so I used that too. That whole thing just confirmed that even though I love the look of fringe, it's not something I like to actually do as finishing work. And, I ran out because I used a partial ball for the first colour--this pattern really takes 5 full balls with almost nothing left over. You've been warned!

I spent the weekend dusting off my Anniversary jacket (that noro entrelac coat below). It was fun getting back into the kureyon and the pattern. I do want to finish this one. I still really love the zig zag coat, but Kureyon in 80 isn't right for it in my mind. And, I've pretty much decided that the Butterfly sweater is on my to-do list (that's the bottom one from the last post). I do need to knit up some things from the stash first, like Klaralund which I'm dying to start.

I need to get to work now. Did you notice the defense count down? It's getting close and I have to prepare. I'm feeling good about the whole thing right now--mostly I just want to get it over with.


Pretty Charlotte! My second is waiting in the wings for my Mom as a birthday present. I too love the zigzaggy jacket, but the color they chose to work it in reminds me too much of my Grandma's afghan. Making it in a variety of pink or blue tones would be smashing--like Noro #40.

It's so pretty!! Can't wait to do my second one this winter. I'm enjoy the Flower Basket Shawl now but nothing beats the color play in Charlotte. Very nice!

What a beautiful shawl. I'm steeling myself up to attempt a Charlotte. (Bought myself a little black dress on the weekend and it's just crying for a Charlotte to brighten it!)

She is beautiful! I can't believe it's your third one. Wow! I couldn't make that thing one time, let alone thrice. ;0) Awesome olympic knitting. Definitely medal-worthy!

Your Charlotte is gorgeous! Mine still sits, unfinished. I need to do the edging, but I just can't seem to get along with my crochet hook.

Just gorgeous! I love all the pink!

Oh, your lucky mother. It is really just beautiful - I love the color...and I love the little touch of fringe. Just a little bit, not too much. Consider knitting on an narrow lace edge - now my favorite finish. It can be accomplished with the leftover from color number one, if the edge selected is narrow enough. I loved being able to knit it onto live stiches instead of picking up the dreaded crochet hook, reminds me too much of zig zag afghan days!

I've always loved the entrelac coat - can't wait to see your progress on it.

Gorgeous Charlotte!

Wow! Your Charlotte's are all so beautiful! I am 2 rows from completion on my first one, and I am nervous about the crochet edge. Any tips? Thanks!!

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Wow! It's amazingly beautiful! You've got a talent for things like that ;)

wsop,I'm enjoy the Flower Basket Shawl!!

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