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I got some lovely mail today. A copy of Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Book Two to make Klaralund. It is a very lovely book with gorgeous pictures. It made me want to visit Sweden someday. I also took a real shine to another pattern in the book. It's a stunning coat in Kureyon.


The thing is I'm already working on this stunning coat in Kureyon. Remember this one? I HAD to have it.


I went through a bunch of stuff to get it (finding the discontinued colour with Theresa's help, bartering for the book, only to not get it and lose a ball of silk yarn for the trouble, then somehow letting it lie in the knitting bag untouched--I started it almost a year ago). I thought for a moment of ripping it and making the new one instead. I might even swatch to see if I like it.

They both have their charms. And, since I have about half the body done, I should just stick with it. Doesn't mean a girl can't have two kureyon coats in her wardrobe does it?

Or maybe three, because this one from the new Jane Ellison book is also fab. Yikes I think I have a Kureyon fixation.


Good news on the Charlotte front. She's blocking. I just need to do the fringe (I hate fringing). I'll save you from the obligatory blocking shot, mostly because a pink/orange shawl on an orange/red rug is practically invisible. I'll post some finished shots of it this weekend before it goes with my brother to Mom's house.


I like that last coat best of the three.

No, it's not just you...I'm a Kureyon/Silk Garden junkie too...

wow...i really would like that last one for myself!!! I have yet to use Kureyon and can not say for sure if i have even seen the yarn at my LYS

I love the long cardigan from the Jane Allison book. It is fabulous. That's a definite knit this winter. :-)

oh, what great picks! noro, you just can't get enough of it!

The Jane Ellison Sweater is the one I'm eyeing too! But first let's see how Klaralund comes out. I love Noro yarn but I have yet to complete a project using them.

Rip out the entrelac and make the zig zag!!! I command you! :D

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the options. All are gorgeous. And no, there's absolutely nothing wrong with having two large stripey coats, especially if you like them both. I'm going to have to work hard to convince myself not to run out and immediately order that Jane Ellison book...

It seems like a lot of us are going to be knitting Butterfly from Jane Ellison's book. I've talked a couple of folks into it. How about a knit along sometime this winter?

I am addicted to Kureyon. it is a problem. That last coat is just beautiful! And the zig-zags! But I like the entrelac one a lot, too - especially because it shows the color and patterns of Kureyon or Silk Garden so beautifully.

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