October 17, 2004

Anybody wanna trade? After seeing http://www.dogsstealyarn.com/ Lara trapsing all over her house I want one. Seeing it on her, made me covet one. I especially like it open--it looks like a suit-y jacket. I'm also trying to knit more cardigans because I like the climate regulation they provide better than sweaters. I'm constantly moving from too hot to too cold so cardigans are the way to go this winter for me. And, I managed to get in on the Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran that was on sale (and all gone) at Elann on Tuesday--a perfect substitution for the lovely but too delicate Alpaca Silk (and a fraction of the price too). I don't have the book and instead of buying it, I wonder if someone who's done with hers would like to trade. I can offer up a few things, but the one I had in mind was the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Two, featuring Klaralund. I don't see myself making anything else in the book and though it has really lovely photos, it's now just a coffee table book. Drop me an email if you're interested in this book or something else (yarn even). And, I'm taking Claudia's advice. I started Butterfly. The snag is I only have the one ball of 148 that I purchased to swatch with. So I'm calling the starting the sleeve a large swatch (which means I'm taking more of Claudia's sage advice). Wool Needlework still doesn't have this colour back in stock. So I'm vaccillating between being frugal and waiting an indeterminate amount of time or being spontaneous and finding this yarn somewhere in town and spending the extra 40 bucks. I'll probably wait a bit longer or I'll never finish the Entrelac coat. When I was going out this afternoon I noticed it was the perfect day to wear it. Hey, I better get off the computer and get knitting!
Still breathing, but tired Not much knitting content today because I've got a sick child on my hands. Poor Xander has a wicked throat infection with fever and general crankiness. His whole mouth was swollen inside so I took him to the doctor today who examined him and encouraged me to take him to the Emergency Room to have him on a course of IV antibiotics to ensure it didn't get worse and close up his throat. I'm not a worrier by nature, but I was a bit surprised--he doesn't seem that sick. So off to the hospital we went. I called Craig to take me because I was a bit concerned and having two adults makes amusing a sick three year old easier. It was a long 5 hours, but 3 doctors later it was determined that Xander would be fine with oral antibiotics and close supervision. We're still waiting for the throat culture to see if he has strep throat, but since yesterday he's made a huge improvement and was back to his cheery defiant self by bedtime. All this doctor-waiting time didn't turn into a lot of waiting because lots of snuggles and hand holding and game playing were needed to keep him from going crazy. We waited a total of 6 hours between the two places and I'm amazed at how well Xander did--being sick means lots of laying on Mommy instead of running amuck in the hospital. He fell asleep at one point on the guerney so I got to knit up a bit more of the entrelac coat. I have no photos because the camera battery is dead. I'm about three rows of diamonds away from finishing the pieces. I am actually looking forward to the finishing, even the many many inches of seams (the coat is 30 inches long). I want to wear this a few times before the real cold weather comes in. Tonight I'll work on it a bit, but all the waiting and worrying made me rather tired--mothering sick children is tough work.

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