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Still breathing, but tired


Time to catch up. I haven't done a bunch of knitting this weekend, but I did make some progress on the entrelac coat. Now I really want to get it done because I knit up the first (and only) ball of Kureyon 148 for Butterfly and I'm smitten. This is a sleeve/swatch and my gauge is right on. I lurve the colours.


I also found a good source for the yarn and it's in the mail on Monday. Knit'n'tyme sells Kureyon for a buck less than everyone else, and while it's not as cheap as Woolneedlework, my colour was in stock and ready to ship (and she's just a postal region away). I ordered two less skeins than required because like Claudia, I plan to shorten the sweater a bit. I'm chalking this up to laziness and the fact that 30 inches seems really long to me--like 7 inches longer than most sweaters I knit.

I also did another swatch for Zig Zag. This one is in Cascade 220.


The colour is horrible (was from this extra cute hat and is expendible for swatches), but the fabric is pretty good. It's a bit less drapey than the dk weight swatch but would work if you're looking for a solid economical substitution. I'm going to swatch Zara next and then make a decision. I have a colour picked--classic aran/cream/vanilla--because I don't have one in my wardobe and you can't go wrong with a classic coloured sweater.

And Cari and I worked out a nice trade for the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk book I want. I got her a nice surprise yarn in exchange. And I also worked out a yarn for book trade with Nancy for the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book. Thanks for all the offers. I'm already hunting for other stuff to trade because it's so fun.

Well now it's back to cleaning and other Sunday business. Everyone here just wants to loaf around today--where are the cleaning fairies when I need them?


Your Butterfly looks beautiful so far. The colorway is wonderful!!

I wanna make a butterfly too, got the yarn but I'm waiting ( impatiently) for the book to show up. In the meantime,I am going to watch your butterfly, fly around.
happy knitting

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