November 29, 2004

Miso soup for the soul The day ended up not getting any worse and not getting any better. Somehow I lost some data I did up last week, but I was so demoralized by that point I just re-entered it and didn't give it another thought. And, my bosses were very understanding about the whole tape thing, they said "these things happen" and we're trying to figure out what the technical glitch was so it wouldn't happen again. I soothed myself with a rather large sushi dinner. Those "free delivery on orders over $20" means I have to order more than I want--though the fact that I ate it all is entirely my fault. It was yummy and so was finding out that Tommy Douglas was voted the Greatest Canadian. I even finished the second sleeve of Butterfly. And in a smart move, I pinned it right on top of the first sleeve I blocked to make it the same. And I did the same with the front left, pinning it on top of the back. Aren't I clever? All that's left is the right front and the collar--about three balls' worth of knitting. Now I just have to find that last ball. And the time to run out and get it. One other thing: I'm tired of the bob and it's looking a bit damaged (and I'm a hair-cut whore--I go every 6 weeks--I love getting my hair done) and want something shorter and layered like this (think Mandy Moore too). I've always worn my hair short because it's fine and even though I like getting it done, I'm lazy about doing it myself. But whenever I contemplate the cut, my hair starts behaving and looking fantastic. Does it know?

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