The lure of an almost FO

Supposed to be a good day

The cookies (oatmeal with raisins and rainbow sprinkles) were baked and ready to take to school.  The cake mix was bought, as was the icing sugar and red food colouring.  We planned on getting the wrapping paper today and the gifts were ready to go.  Alexander was excited, having received three birthday cards in the mail this week and an e-card last night. 

The plan: a regular day with a little party at school, then home for pizza and orange pop (Alexander's choice for the meal) and chocolate cake and gifts.

The reality: Alexander has a stomach bug and spent last night throwing up.  He's asleep right now and feels horrible.  We still have to drop the cookies off at school or else 25 kids are without a snack today, but unless we have a miraculous recovery, Alexander has to stay home.  I'm home too, and I have to reschedule the first research interview I planned for today (shit).  I feel so badly about Xander being sick on his birthday (though am very thankful we didn't have a kiddie party planned or anything).  He finally "got" the idea of birthdays and anticipation and all that--but we'll do it all tomorrow or Sunday when he's feeling better.

Since it's a mother's perogative to get all mushy/nostalgic on her kid's birthday (and since I haven't had a chance to touch my knitting), I'll post some pictures of my little guy a few days old, and at six months:



And yes, I did make him that sweater.  Hard to believe he's four already.  And I'm hardly in a rush to for him to grow up, learning what I have about teenagers from Stephanie (a laugh I really needed this week). 


The poor thing -- I had the same thing happen to me on the day of my kiddie birthday party when I was seven -- it's tough to be so excited and then have to miss all the fun. I hope Alexander is feeling better and that he has a good day nonetheless. In some ways, it's a bit more special because he gets to spend it at home with you!

I love his blue and white sweater. . . you wouldn't by any chance remember where that pattern is from, would you??? In that photo, I think your son looks a bit like a baby Liam Neeson (so cute!).

I'm so sorry your son is sick. Hope he is feeling well very soon. Happy Birthday Alexander!
Not all teenagers are tough. My son...who is 23 now...was pretty much an angel. I was very lucky.
What a beautiful baby sweater!!!!

The pattern is Graphic from Mission Falls Wee Knits book.

Happy Birthday Alexander! I hope you feel better super fast so you can enjoy your yummy dinner and cake. By the way, your baby pictures are very cute! You must be quite the handsome young man now. Tell Mommy not to feel bad about the interview--after all, these things happen.

Happy birthday, Xander! I really hope you feel better soon, so you can eat lots of pizza and cake and get a tummyache from THAT! ;)

Happy Birthday to Xander, and congratulations on the whole "keeping him alive for four years" thing. It's not easy.

Happy Birthday Xander, hope you feel good enough tonight for pizza! ;)

Last year Lucas was sick for the whole week of his 3rd bday, we took good care of him and celebrated a week later when he was back in shape. :)

i hope the little tyke gets better. i wound up being sick for most of my birthdays growing up. even had the chicken pox and a cold that turned into pneumonia on my birthday one year (talk about making a point!) hopefully that won't happen to him ^_^

I'm sorry he's not well. Handsom little thing though - when he grows up he'll be breaking hearts all over. If he's not doing that now!

Awww, Happy Birthday Alexander! I hope he's over the stomach bug by now.

Happy Birthday Alexander! My baby boy, Adrien, is 25 today (Nov 27)! Adrien's 4th birthday had a Dukes of Hazzard theme Enjoy your baby boy, they grow up way too fast.

Hi there! Just stumbled across your blog site. Your son is about the same age as my daughter! Harley Rose turns 5 on 19th Dec this year! So am wishing Alexander a HAPPY belated 4th!!
I also got a giggle out of Stephanie's story about teens! Being as Harley is my eldest out of my two kids I am not looking forward to it either!


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