Supposed to be a good day
It's not going to be a good day when you're making play dough at 4:45am

The lure of an almost FO

Alexander recovered nicely after a very long morning nap on Friday and attended school, oatmeal cookies in hand.  We ate our pizza and birthday cake (though the birthday boy didn't eat his usual amount) opened presents, played Thomas trains and Hot Wheels cars and had a great time.

And, we got to repeat the show at Grandma and Grandpa's on Sunday, so Alexander had a great birthday in the end.  He really liked your well-wishing and the idea that mommy's computer friends thought to wish him a happy day.


I spent the little knitting time I had working on Butterfly.  I have two pieces left to go (sleeve and right front) and I'm getting that "I want a new sweater" feeling happening.  I know I'm going to be a ball short, even though I shorted the sleeves by about two inches and the body by three, so I need to find some time this week to locate another ball (if you're a Toronto retailer and you have colour 148, lot A available let me know!)  I'm not worried about finding it, and I'll throw prudence to the wind and not worry about the dyelot either. 

Craig's gone this week, so I see leisurely nights of knitting in front of the tv ahead.  Well, after the kids are in bed and the mess is cleaned and I get organized for the next day and...being at work all day is tough.  I like it, but it really cuts into my knitting time.


I love the colors of your butterfly. Beautiful.

you could try needles and pins
they have a awesome amount of Noro they are in London so they will have to mail to you.
i have butterfly envy

The nice thing about Butterfly is that once that back piece is done, everything else seems to go by so quickly. I'm still very much in love with mine. Everywhere she goes she gets compliments or at least interesting looks (which I interpret as good at this point...)

You are so close! Can't wait until the FO is realized!!

Awesome progress! I only used 7 1/2 balls for my Butterfly, so you might have enough. I shortened mine a LOT though.

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