December 16, 2004

Early Christmas Present We haven't been very festive since for nearly a week we've been the "house of influenza". Both Craig and I even had a touch of it, despite getting flu shots. (Thank goodness we got the shots or we'd feel like we got hit by a bus right about now.) But last night we got it together and put up the tree and decorations and started to feel a bit more Christmasey. And I got an early present today from my sweet Emma: "Mom, I want to learn to knit." "Really?" I ask non-chalantly--my heart pounding with excitment--she wants to knit! "Yes, I want to knit." "Are you sure?" I reply cautiously. "The last time you tried for less than 5 minutes before giving up." "I'm sure. Teach me." So, out came the needles (I tried a 5mm circular instead of straights this time) and some red Canadiana yarn (nice, smooth, easily washed if she does actually make something) and off we went. We tried to knit like me--continental style--but she couldn't manage it. This may have been why previous attempts failed. So, I picked up Amy's Knit Wit book and taught her the right-hand method. Emma studied the pictures, gave it a try and it worked!! She knit about 12 rows over 10 stitches (though she took breaks every few rows) and has officially started a scarf for her Curious George. Now, I'm not envisioning a future filled with trips to the yarn store as a way to bond with my daughter through her awkward teen years or anything (I mean she is only almost-six and her interests vary greatly from minute to minute). But I could tell she liked it. She saw the yarn and needles as something to master. And that's a good start.

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