Foolish, but it was worth it
So much for public pronouncements



I stayed up late again last night, but now I have new mittens to hide the dark circles under my eyes.  I even added a few rows to the thumb of the first one--I guess I have long thumbs--and now they fit great.

Here they are from the outside--I love all the patterny-goodness on these mittens


And, by special request (sorry I forget who asked), the inside.  My stranding isn't perfect on the cuffs because I was experimenting with some techniques, but it does give a good look at the inside of a fair isle.


You may notice that the mittens don't appear to be the same size.  Either through blocking differences (my kids destroyed my first blocking form) or gauge changes, the second mitten is a big bigger than the first.  It doesn't show unless they're really close together.  What's that thing about a trotting horse? 

Now for the hat.  I have almost full balls of the pink and brown left and I'm not sure how to knit it up.  I know I don't have enough for much fair isle.  I'm thinking of making a striped Silk Garden Beanie style with some fair isle peeries to break up the rows.  I might throw in one of those Nordic flowers, but I'll have to see how the yarn amounts hold out. 

Must get to bed earlier tonight so I might have time to get some exercise tomorrow.  (Hopefully if I make my intentions public, I'll stick to them.)


They're gorgeous, Steph! I'm waiting for yarn for mine. I'm doing them as written in IK. Can't wait to start.

Wow, those mittens are incredible!

Oooooooh they are so nice those mittens! are they really hard to make? one day I might brave trying a pair! lol

Those are great. Now your hands will *definitely* be warm up there in the frozen North!

absolutely stunning! I feel them calling my name....

You have Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream mittens! Yum... why do I always think of desserts with delicious knitted stuff? ;)

Fantastic mittens !

your mittens are lovely. you did a fantastic job on them!

beautiful mittens! I'm sure you'll love wearing them. :)

Wear with pride! You did an awesome job.

That was quick! Beautiful job - and even after you pointed them out, I could barely tell that they were different sizes. Lucky warm hands!


Oooh, aren't those beautiful. I love the way you did the gusset on the thumb.

Wow, those look great! I hope that they keep your hands warm and happy!

Those and a matching hat? You're amazing. They look great, even if not quite matched. I'd tell you to start going to bed earlier, but it must be when you get your best knitting done and I can't mess with that :)

Hi! I'm a lurker whose been backreading your journal. I love all your Charlottes and your Klaralund.

I was looking at your stash yarn for sale and was wondering how much it would cost to ship to this side of the country? Vancouver, BC, postal code V6J 2A1 if that helps.

Stunning! Wear them in good health!

Wow, I am inspired, they are beautiful. Teri

Steph, your mittens are GORGEOUS.

Wow!!! Your mittens are absolutely gorgeous!!
Even the inside looks incredible!

I really want to knit a pair! Seeing your pics made me pour through my mags - and I found the IK with the pattern. Thanks!

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