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Blue is good

I'm in a blue mood, but in a good way.  The cosmic forces are pointing to better days ahead and converging to enable the purchase of my latest techno-covet.  Turns out a 2nd generation i-pod mini is being released and the price has dropped, and the 1st generation is now on sale.  Yipee!  So, I rush out to the local Best-Buy to snatch up the last pink ipod mini (1st gen) close to home.  I get it home, crack it open and check out the i-tunes site.

Checking the website was a mistake for a girl who wants some instant gratification, but who also fastidiously reads reviews and researches her techno-purchases (often to the point of total inertia--the reason why I haven't got an ipod yet).  The 2nd generation i-pod has a much longer battery life--18 hours over 8.  And, it's only 20 bucks more.  Shit. 

But I can't have it now.  So I hum and haw.  Then I call around town and no one has them yet.  Then I notice that the Apple site offers discounts to those attending/working at universities.  I work at a university and I can get a discount that makes the 2nd generation model cheaper than the one on my dining room table.

And I can get a blue one.


So I call Best Buy and confirm that I can return the pink one.  Check.  Then I consult with Craig on the engraving (what the hell it's free and that way I'll know it's mine).  Then I trade instant gratification for anticipation and I order it. 

The other blue in my life is koigu (I say if you're going blue, do it with the best).  Charlotte's Web IV is coming along great--I'm on the fourth colour and I'm liking the blue intensity of this version.  Here's a look at it in it's unblocked glory. 


Now I'm going to sit on my blue couch (I have two) and wrap myself in a blue blanket and see if I get this done.  I could be silly and say I'm eating blue corn chips, but food and I are still having issues so I'll drink ginger ale from a blue mug instead.


Oh man, I'm quivering with excitement over getting an iPod as well. Isn't it awful? :)

Love your Charlotte's Web. Feel better soon, be blue!

I've just heard about the new iPod mini with the better battery life, and I'm way jealous. You are doing the right thing, although I've never run up against the battery life of my mini and mine isn't even filled up yet.

But, I'm still jealous.


I am excited for you and your ipod. i got one for christmas and I love it! And it is way to easy to spend lots of money on music. I'm loving the Web too. Hope you feel better soon.

Ooooh. And it comes in my favorite color! Coincidence, I don't *think* so. ;-) Thanks for the link.

Am loving the blog.
I like the mix of academic / with knitter / with woman-in-touch-with-herself type thing.
I think I am on the brink of an important decision ... to research knitting blogs ... can I count you in as a subject?

I have a iPod and I LOVE it!

I saw your post about the ipod mini which pushed me into getting the mini over the shuffle. Thanks for the link to the educational discount page for Canada, it really helped!

I also got mine engraved...they ship it from china, and it gets to you QUICK!

Enjoy!!! Love the Ipod mini!

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