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My brain was fried yesterday.  After finishing those socks, I wanted to knit something new.  So, I went to the stash and pulled out my favourite yarn--Koigu--to make the Charlotte's Web Shawl for my Memere--the one I promised many, many months ago.

I like this pattern.  For me, it's the socks of the shawl/lace world.  I have the pattern repeat memorized and it's pretty mindless knitting (I did screw something up last night and had to rip back a few rows but I'll blame that on Law & Order instead of my fried brain).  Here's a shot of the shawl in progress.  I'm on the third colour already.


Now here's the thing.  The second stripe is a solid blue and I'm not sure if it works.  I have a larger picture that will pop-up here that is pinned to replicate the look if it were blocked (and worn with something orange).  What do you all think?  The rest of the shawl is in handpainted colours with a predominantly blue theme.  I've used a solid colour for the first stripe before and the effect was nice, but this time I'm not entirely sure.  I could rip back and alternate the solid with a varigated every second row for that entire stripe (to get all the use I can out of the yarn), but part of me (the lazy part) thinks this might be a good design element. 


I really like it, but I think I would want the solid blue repeated one more time in the pattern to add a bit of symmetry to it. Then I think the solid wouldn't be as jarring in the middle of all the colors.

I agree with Nancy. The solid is nice, but all by itself it would seem a bit out of place and it would draw attention.

I thought the solid stuck out in the original picture, but up against the orangy background, it blends into the rest of the piece nicely. I second (third?) Nany's suggestion that you use it again for it to really blend in.

I think it looks good. It sorta grounds it a little bit. I've never made one of these, but now I'm thinking maybe I should. I love all the colors to choose from. Yours looks great so far!

Me too, me too! Umm, that is, I agree with Nancy and co. that another stripe of blue would look good and a little less jarring. And I have absolutely nothing original to add.

Here I thought I came up with a great idea.... well seems many knitters think alike! LOL! I am actually VERRRRY tempted into getting the pattern and knitting it in a solid colorway. Good to know it's easy to remember. :)

I like it. But another stripe of slid would look nice too. I'm always afraid to do such a pattern. I should try it some time, if you say it is easy.

i really really like it steph! especially in that pop-up pic. the blue is the same throughout and it ties it all up nice. great job

With a contrasting (opposite) color peaking through the solid blue section, it really doesn't look too solid. It only looks solid blue where you are building up stitches, so I don't think that it is out of place. Another stripe would pick it up as a pattern element, but to save from ripping back, it certainly doesn't need one.

I really, really like that blue. Leave as is, please. Very nice indeed....

I'll add my voice to the chorus--adding another blue stripe would pull it together and make it into a great design feature.

I like the subtle contrast of the blue stripe, so I'd vote to keep it. If you wanted to, and had the yarn, another solid stripe in this blue or a different coordinating color woulr be lovely as well.

I've made a couple of Charlotte's that have a solid stripe as one of the elements and they came out really well, but I repeated the solid a couple of times throughout the shawl, so I would join in the advice given by others above.

Count me in on the number who like it but think there might be a sympathetic stripe , blue or otherwise later on, may be two for the odd number balanced effect. It seems that you have license to be lazy. :-)

Ooh ... I have an unfinished Charlotte in my stash, and I'm almost done with the fourth color ... I was waiting for summer, but now that I've seen yours, I'm definitely going to have to get it out!

And I think making the fourth color a solid is the way to go. A lady at my LYS was doing hers this way.

Have fun!

Leave that baby in. It ties the two others together really well.

Hi, I'm Tink, I am new at this blogging stuff and I was tagged!, I am passing it on to you because I visit your site almost daily and have you linked from my site. Love your yarn work and your politics :)Thanks for sharing. You will find the info on my lastest and 3rd post. I know you are busy but hope you can find the time. Tink

Me too on the "add another solid to balance it" group. It looks lovely!

I'm glad I clicked on the popup. I didn't care for the effect in the original picture, but pinned out I'm quite fond of it. Carry on, that's my vote.

i'm thinking rip back and alternate every other with the solid, basing this solely on the fact that if i ask someone else a question like this, does this look right, good etc, i already know the answer is i am not happy with the effect, cuz if i love it that question never comes up, just my two lire's worth

Voting to leave it as is. If you want to put a couple more stripes of solid blue in later, that would be good--but once it's blocked, I think it looks great!

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