Still leaving room for knitting
Panic setting in


I'm sick.  The only thing that kept me from staying in bed feeling all bleh and sorry for myself was the weather (and work if I'm being totally truthful).  Spring has finally arrived and it was beautiful today.  No mitts beautiful.  Wash the snowpants and pack them away not to emerge until next December beautiful.  Everyone just seemed happier weather.

Even though I'm feeling icky, I finished Charlotte last night.  Here she is modelled by me--an elegant shawl to compliment my pj's.  I think my Memere will love it.  It seems a bit strange knitting for my grandmother--a non-knitter--but I like how it troubles our ideas about what both academic types and grandmothers should be doing. 


And, I figured out where I left off on Sophie and got to the armhole shaping on the back--nothing worth photographing though.  I probably won't knit much tonight because I'm going to attempt to be sensible and get to bed right after the kids.  I'm not usually this sensible, but I want to feel better so I can enjoy every minute of this lovely weather.


I think you might be tempting fate if you wash and put away the snow pants. that is bound to annoy the weather gods and bring on a snowstorm. Please wait for May.

Your Charlotte is gorgeous! What a great gift to give to someone.

Sorry you are not feeling well... I can relate!

It looks SO pretty! There among the boxes and you not feeling well! Hope Grandma likes it!

Feel better. Charlotte looks beautiful, even over pjs. Try to enjoy the niceness :)

A really beautiful shawl !
Feel well soon.

You've just "got it down" with CW. Another beautiful one. Hope you're on the mend soon - I've been dealing with the congestion from this for the last four weeks or so. Nothing touches it!

wow! it's huge! and totally gorgeous!

Your Charlotte is a real beauty, your Mémère is going to love and cherish it.
Get well soon !

Charlotte is stunning! Your Grandmother will love it!

Also, a lovely view of the boxes. Feel better soon!

Gorgeous, Steph. Good luck with your move!!

your shawl is gorgeous!

ps. what does the tape on your wall say?

It is very beautiful! Hope you feel better soon :-)

Beautiful shawl!

Speaking of beautiful things, I got a gorgeous pair of blue socks in the mail yesterday...thank you! I love the colors and Crusoe is one of my favorite patterns. Never seen a Bosnian toe in person, so of course I had to spend much time trying to figure it out and marvel at someone knitting something for me :-) You made my day. Hope you are feeling better very soon!

Really a nice shawl !
Sure your grandma will enjoy it !
Hope you will be better...

Wow! Nice work! Love it!

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