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Still leaving room for knitting

We spent the bulk of this long weekend packing for the move.  We're now at the point where we start packing the everyday things we need to live, so we get to stop for a bit.  We get the new house on Friday, but we have our old place until the 10th so we can do a slow move.  I'm thinking a get-it-over-with-move-and-just-deal-with-it move would be nice right about now because it feels like it will never end, but I know this way will be much less stressful.  So far, so good.

And this way there's still time to knit a bit.  I got past the heel on my latest sock, and Charlotte's Web IV is blocking. 


What is most impressive is that there's enough room to block it.  Tonight I'll put on the fringe (I really hate this part) and put it away and then I can resurrect (is that impertinent of me?) some abandoned projects--Colourwork Classic and Sophie.  It's time to wear a sweater like Sophie so hopefully I can figure out where I left off and what modifications I was planning (must learn to take some notes on my WIPs) so I don't have to rip back the few inches I've already completed.


Your life priorties are clear from that picture.


I've done both the get-it-over-now move, and the you've-got-a-few-days-to-transport-stuff moves.

I greatly prefer the second type. At least for moves over a short distance. (Even better is when you have a couple weeks before you really are ready to move out of the old place, but the new place is open for you to move stuff in).

Having just moved (timeline: packed Sat/Sun, loaded the truck Mon/Tues, stuff arrived the following Mon), I vote for doing it as fast as possible! Amazed that you found the floor space for blocking, though.

Sounds like you've got a good balance going. I'm not much of a note taker either but I bet when you pull out that sweater things will come back to you. Good luck with the move.

Slow is definitely the way to move, although it does make it s t r e t c h some. There's always room for knitting!

Your 4th Charlotte's Web? Wow! It looks really nice. Maybe for one of your versions don't do the fringe so it will be different.

When my boyfriend and I moved, we packed for 2 weeks straight, and then one weekend we did EVERYTHING in one go. Beats the heck of having things at one place and needing it at the other. Have friends help, and do a barbecue when it's all over. Good luck!

You seem so calm! We'll be moving in 3 or 4 months. Our youngest of three is off to university and we are downsizing from a very large bungalow with very large basement to 1150 sq. ft. and a storage locker the size of the trunk of our car. I'm waking at 4:44 to listen to the 'little voices'. Steeking aside, I'll maybe volunteer to finish off the Laphroig.

I know how you feel. We just sold our house. (Havn't closed yet, nor have we found a house.) I have boxes everywhere. Some packed some waiting. I hope we find a house soon and don't have to move twice. I hate moving, it puts a damper on ones knitting.

i've done both, and the last one was move everything out of the house into mark's house, then wait 2 weeks, and move everything into my new house. yuck. by the time we were done with all my stuff, mark's house was stuffed to the gills. his house is smaller than my old one, and smaller than this one, so it was horrible. on top of that, it was really 2 1/2 houses in one, since i had so much of my grandmother's stuff. worth it for her stuff, though, i feel like grandma's here with me (we lost her 4 years ago may 2). carry on, and keep knitting. i hated it cuz my stash was in the old house, and i was living with mark, and no room to sit and knit at the new house until i could get organized (yeah, right). i didn't have a sofa for 2 months! lol. you go girl, move at your own pace!

Charlotte is looks ab fab!

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