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Check these out.  The perfect bedding for any knitter.  Almost as cool as these.  And no, I didn't ever buy them.  My practical side won out and I bought these for summer instead. 


I finished the swatching for my test knit.  The yarn is Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in Emporio and it's lovely.  This is fast becoming my favourite yarn (I used the Aran weight for Rogue).  Tonight I'll get started on the knitting. 

I wanted to start yesterday but we spent a good part of the day finishing the bathroom--hanging shelves and a new light fixture.  And unlike those DIY shows none of it went as planned.  The light fixture is pretty but doesn't throw enough light, the shelf is too high and we're not sure where to put the second one.  Where's one of those design mavens when we need one.  Maybe they could install our wall unit while they're at it.  And suggest a colour for our bedroom.  If not, I'll just sit out on my balcony and knit and worry about it later.

Back to normal?

It took some serious sleep deprivation and paid-work slacking, but I got the bag knit up and sent off to the seamstress to have the lining made.  I was cranky and whiney and the last hours were not pretty but it's done.  And when I see it next week I'll be proud of it.  Last night all I could see were things I could have done better if I had more time, which lead to me chastising my self for underestimating how long it would take and you can see how it all turns out bad.

I really like designing, but I don't like the pressure to finish.  I have enough of that in my life at work, at home, being a mother etc.  There are plenty of deadlines without adding some to my knitting.  So I either have to say no to designing or get smarter with my time estimates.  The move complicated things a lot too, and I ain't doing that again any time soon.  But I admit I would love all the unpacking and painting and shelf-building to be done so I can get back to my regular routine of parking my ass on the couch most evenings and knitting. 

That is exactly what I'm going to do tonight.  I didn't get to those Lost episodes because I wanted to give them my full attention.  I have the last two to watch and the beers are cooling in the fridge waiting for me to finish this.  I think this will be a sock night.  If I knit at all.

I also received the wonderful gift of yarn this week.  My brother spent the last 8 months in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand and was nice enough to know exactly what to buy me.


It's perendale natural coloured yarn from New Zealand.  Here's the link to the shop.  It's soft and sproingy and gorgeous.  I don't think there's enough for a full aran sweater, but I can see a modified retro prep with some Lavold inspired cables and happening here.  Maybe something like Theresa's Sigil

I won't be getting to it right away though because I'm doing some test knitting for Jenna.  Yup, she's got a design in the works and it's really nice.  I'm going to be teasing you a bit with it over the next month.  I know it's mean, but you do want a fully tested pattern don't you?

Finishing stuff

I finally finished painting the bathroom.  Now I have a place to put my tp, towels and bottles of goop.  There's still some finishing touches but the room is almost done.  It felt good to get it done.

Now I have to concentrate on finishing the bag design.  I'm still slogging on the 39 inches, but I've got two episodes of Lost and one House to watch, a pot of tea and a Boston Cream doughnut and I'm ready to go. 

Is it that difficult to recognize?

Unless you've been living under a rock (at least in Canada), you must have heard something about Belinda Stronach "crossing the floor" to join the governing Liberal party.  As an NDP supporter, I found the news interesting and surprising, and was pleased that this may keep the government in power for long enough to pass the federal budget which is full of things I like and want to see happen (National Childcare funding being the big one). 

What I found most interesting as a media analyst was how the news represented Ms Stronach and her actions.  This is sexism 101 people.  She was accused of "whoring herself out for power", represented as a prostitute in political cartoons, called a "Blonde Bombshell" a "dipstick (but an attractive one)" and a heartbreaker, because by leaving the Conservative party she was also breaking up with her lover Peter McKay, also a Conservative--and much of the news centred on poor Peter's emotional state

Now don't get me wrong, I don't really like Belinda, and I don't think she'll really be hurt by this politically.  She's rich and powerful (both inside and outside politics), young and successful and considered a role-model for women in politics (though not the kind of role-model I would support).  However, the way the media and conservatives are treating her decision to change parties has become a lesson to women about how they should behave in politics.  And I don't like it. 

What I also don't like is the usual crap-talk about how terms like "prostitute" and "whoring" don't have a gendered dimension and men can prostitute themselves for power too.  AKA "Watch me backpeddle on my earlier comments which I reallly mean but I don't want to come across as a misongynist pig".  When's the last time you heard a man accused of "whoring himself for power?"  And I'm sick of the leagues of conservative women who are stating that these comments are not sexist, defending the kind of crap I'm seeing in the media and hearing from politicians. 

We feminists have so much work to do. 

Could it be worse?

Saturday night I started painting the bathroom.  While painting the ceiling I decided I hate painting the bathroom.  It's small, there's all kinds of things to paint around (sink, tub, toilet, fan) and you can't just work in an empty room.  Painting the ceiling with an extension pole is worse and while I was doing I started thinking about what I would rather be doing.  But since that was too easy--knit, watch tv, eat chocolate--I came up with things that would be worse than painting one's bathroom ceiling on a Saturday night (I should add that this list is full of actual possibilities vs bizarre torturous ideas propogated by silly 12 year old boys):

1. Waiting in line for tickets to the upcoming Star Wars movie (i.e. one week before opening night).

2. Having what Craig has--current diagnosis is strep throat, but he's going back to check because he feels/looks/sounds positively awful.

3. Untangling the tangled messes of cotton centre-pull balls.

4. Hosting a birthday party for 20 4 year old boys (never done it, never will).

5. Handsearching newspapers for work (I have a summer student who is finishing the final part of the sample for me--it's great).

6. Painting the attic--the ceiling is a wall too--it's going to take forever which means it may never happen.

7. Knitting the "freedom poncho" in Red Heart yarn.

8. Watching re-runs of Murder She Wrote or Golden Girls or The A Team or The Dukes of Hazzard.

9. Ripping apart an entrelac coat you spent a year making but in a "what was I thinking moment" realizing you're likely never going to wear it and can't stand the idea of wasting 20 balls of kureyon.

10.  Never finishing said bathroom.  I'll get back to it.  But not tonight.

Does this just happen to me?


This is a tangled mess.  The centre pull ball has collapsed into itself and has created a blob of tangles.  It happens with wool yarn sometimes, but always seems to happen with cotton.  Is it my ball winder?  Am I a spaz? (Don't answer that Craig).  Is it because I'm left handed?

I'm going to use my commission from this design to buy a new winder.  Mine's an old one and doesn't work that great.  I'm hoping the new toy will stop this from happening. 

The good, the bad and the ugly

It's been an up and down last few days.  This is exemplified by the fact that I just about finished this post and then somehow lost it.  But I'll attempt optimism and start with The Good:

*Xander went back to school today and he's doing great.

*I got to spend some serious time working on my design today.

*It's been warm out the last few days

*My parents came to visit and the fridge is full, the house is clean and we had a great time.

*I'm off to the Aveda Academy tomorrow for a haircut and stress relief massage.

The bad:

*My parents left yesterday--the fridge is emptying, and the house is getting dirty.

*I think I'm getting a cold.

*I can't read my own freakin' chart and had to rip back 14 rows on the design.

The ugly:

*I got a $30 parking ticket when I went to pick up Xander from school.

*I cracked the screen on my iPod.  I'm not sure how I did it--I pulled it out of my bag that way.  It's not covered by warranty and the repair is more expensive than a new one.  Luckily, it still works fine and except for the crack, the display works fine.  There's none of that black gook that destroys the the display.  I'm still disappointed.

*The weather is dropping 15 degrees C tonight. 

*I'm up too late (again).  Off to bed.


We're finally back up and running on our own DSL connection.  Due to a (very justifiable)  labour dispute it took a month for our phone line to get connected and due to the usual chaos at the And She Knits Too household it took a week to get the wireless network running again.  I would like to extend my thanks to the owners of the unsecure wireless connection who provided us with free internet last month.  I would have gone batty without it.

Instead I can go batty with my design-in-progress.  Two strands of cotton with colour work (meaning four strands of cotton in are in play).  And it's knit flat, so there's purling.  I. must. be. insane. 

Or just creative.  I must admit I'm really liking the way its turning out.  It's not going to be the easiest knit in the world, but I can see the effort paying off.  Apparently other people in the world think I'm creative too.  Check out this link.  I'm feeling rather humbled to be included in this short list of knitbloggers (and my banner is on the link to the links).  It's weird because most of my life, I didn't consider myself particularly creative.  I barely passed art class, I was never good at school crafts, and I never had any interest in needlework or anything crafty.  Guess I found my thing.


I've been working on my design project in stolen moments when Xander is asleep or watching TV.  Today he's feeling much better (I even left him with Grandma and went to work) and tonight I'm trying to get down to the knitting.

I made the swatches--a bunch of them.  I did the math.  I wrote the charts.  I even made a paper version to play with shaping.  So why the fuck isn't the size working out right?????


I believe Claudia said it: Swatches lie.  Even this pile of swatches that were dutifully measured (see my new funky measuring tape?) washed, dried and remeasured.  They're liars, all of them.  Good thing this is only over 86 sts, because I need to get the measurement right by casting on the whole thing and knitting it, since I'm out over a stitch to the inch right now according to my lying swatches.