Wool when it's hot
Must be something in the water

Hey, it's starting to look like something

I'm nearly finished the armholes for Jenna's cardigan test-knit.  This rather clever pattern begins with a pretty cabled neckline from which stitches are picked up for the body and raglan sleeves.  Then using a combination of short-rows and raglan increases the body of the sweater is built.  It's a bit tricky because there's lots to think about at the beginning, but Jenna clearly lays out each step so it's a matter of following the pattern. 


I really do need to take photos of this in natural light.  Trust me, it's gorgeous.

I'm almost at the point where the knitting gets mindless.  This is good because I have a lot of other things that need paying attention to.  I'm past the first round of data-collection for the post-doc project I'm working on, and I get to spend the summer using my brain to analyze data and write articles.  I also would like to write one more article from my thesis (still haven't heard back from the one I submitted in February) but with necessary vacation time, I'm not sure I'll fit it in.

I'm actually looking forward to writing again.  I was even excited when I got SPSS to work the way I wanted it (for all stats types, I was just doing some descriptive stats, nothing fancy, I'm a qualitative researcher by training and preference).  I'm such a geek.


What do you study? I just got my PhD in cognitive psych.

And, that yarn looks gorgeous.

Yes, you really need to take decent photos!!
But from what I can see - it's gorgeous! Is this a pattern that will be for sale some time in the future?? I've previously knit Rogue by Jenna, and it's my favourite sweater, so if she's designing anything in the same lane, I've got to have it!

By the way - how are the socks...

Hurray for data analysis and writing. Get something written. Maybe aim to write a draft of that other article from your thesis (even a really drafty draft) and at least in the fall you'll have something to edit into shape.

Hard to tell what's going on with that sweater at all on my monitor. I was beginning to wonder if the crappiness of the pictures was some sly confidentiality thing. Like you were showing us what you were working on without diminishing the impact for Jenna when she releases the pattern.

Well I can definitely get the idea of the cardi and I like it. Nothing like some good cables. I'm more a quantitative girl myself, but to each their own :)

Hey, geeks make all the money! And we need more people who understand the concept of statistics. Kills me when people stand up and say that some study isn't really valid because they fed their dog such and such and came out with a different result - er, a data set of one doesn't really say much, now does it? Sigh. Off my soapbox now.

Wow, that looks pretty, I'm having trouble even handling cotton in this weather (NYC is 90 degrees and I have no A/C) but I can't wait to see the completed sweater.

The cardi looks good, and I'm sure it's just as gorgeous as you say it is!

HI! Just discovered your blog.....love this sweater you're making. I'm just working on my first Rogue, and it's a fantastic knit, so I can't wait to see how this one turns out.
I'm currently reading your dissertation, and have recommended it to friends who are examining the meaning of health and health access for women. Good for you! A PhD with a child, amazing! I can't imagine how you've done it.
As for your weather, well, I'm envious. The "wet coast" hasn't been over 15 degrees in weeks.

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