Hey, it's starting to look like something
Office = Oven

Must be something in the water

Like Theresa and Claudia, there isn't much for me to report here.  I did take some daylight/outdoor photos of my test-knit and hope that you get a better idea of how it looks (this yarn is tough to photograph). 


I still have 2 more rows before I divide the body and arms and it really starts to look like a sweater.  But instead of doing much knitting Craig and I sat on our upper balcony drinking wine, eating veggies, fruit and cheese and reading our novels.  It was a good way to beat the heat.

This weekend doesn't have much knitting time coming either.  Alexander has been home sick this week and I'm rather behind on work.  Poor kid can't seem to catch a break.  It's just a virus, but he needs to rest up and get better so he can attend the big end of year class trip.


I remember going over to the island on the ferry as a kid. Lots of fun (though I don't recall any class trips at his age and we didn't move out of the city until I was 8). I hope he's better.

The sweater is much clearer though the colour is completely different from yesterday. It looked almost black before and now it looks like a kind dark raspberry gelato colour (now wouldn't that be nice on a hot day). The cable around the neckline is very nice.

Hm. With the shadows here, the cables make me think of brains.

Mmmm... brains.

Come on and finish the test knitting already, so we can run out and get the pattern!!! This just looks sooo great!

Do you think she needs more test knitters, maybe??


Some days are like this.... Let's kicky some crafty ass this weekend!

Wine. Mmmmmm. A girl after my own heart!! *lol*

The colour of your sweater is better than I had imagined it to be! It's very nice! :)

Enjoy the heat! Soon it will be winter again! Ack!!

I hope Alexander feels better soon! I missed my big end of the year school trip in grade two because I had the chicken pox. We were supposed to go to the Toronto Zoo. Oh well, I've been since, so I'm not bitter or anything. *lol*

Hope Alexander will be able to go on his trip! Hope you will be able to knit and knit and knit:) Is the colour of the yarn perhaps Jewel or Emporio? Monica

Found the name of the colour. So it is DK. I thought I had been drooling here every day:). Monica

great picture of the sweater. do you know when the pattern will be available?

Scrolled around your blog til I could find a pic with some detail showing (some yarns are hard to photograph, aren't they) - and this sweater looking most intriguing. Can't wait to see it done.

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