Happy Birthday...to Me
What time?

Fun fun fun

I had a fantastic weekend and returned late last night tanned and rested with a new WIP in my hands--Madli's shawl.

That's because I finished the body of Jenna's test-knit-sweater.  I even remembered to take pictures bathed in beautiful sunshine.


Here's one of the finished body.  Unfortunately the bottom cables are being stubborn so they're hard to see.  Take my word for it, they're gorgeous and their construction is pure genius.


Here's a close up.  Inside was the only place it would work so the colour is wrong.  But check out the texture:


All this knitting happened on my birthday when Craig took the kids fishing and I just lazed around.  It was fantastic.  When they returned we ate fish and souvlaki and cake and I opened all my fun gifts. 

Emma bought me some hair clips and a butterfly magnet (a sparkly one) and a Kit Kat bar, all from Tweeds fabulous dollar store. 


Alexander used the $15 gift certificate he won at the Rashotte's Home Hardware 10th Anniversary party to buy me a new beach towel and a fancy umbrella. 


I should also mention Emma won the Home Hardware's colouring contest.

I also got some great knitting accessories--some folding scissors and a snazzy light that clips to my clothes or the sun visor in the car so I can knit on the road.  It worked great as we crawled along the 401 on our way home.

Craig finagled me a fabulous gift--this Wednesday I'm off to the San Francisco area for 5 days away.  He's going to work, but I'm going to play.  I'll be in staying in Livermore but hope to explore the Bay area.  I already have one knit-related gathering to attend, but would love suggestions on other things to do, places to visit, people to meet. 

I haven't been away in a few years and have never been to California.  Woohoo!


NO WAY. I will be there this weekend. NO FREAKING WAY... email me plans, etc.

I fly in Sat morning. Will you still be around?

Ooo Ooo Ooo....you have to go to Artfibers. I have never been, but when my fiance was in SF for work, I sent him to get me some yarn. They didn't have the same yarns that were on their website, so they helped the "Nice guy from Toronto" pick out some really nice stuff. I knit my Frieda out of it "Samba" and I am knitting a scarf out of their most beautiful yarn, "Kyoto".

Oh it looks wonderful!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

That sweater looks wonderful. I love the way the cables curl around the corners. Ican't wait for that pattern to be published.

Happy belated birthday!

The sweater looks fab!!! Have fun in California! :) Take loads of pictures and buy as much yarn as you can! :)

Happy knitting!

ohh, the sweater looks wonderful. The cables are great. I can't tell if it's blue or purple because of the light but both colors would be lovely.

Happy birthday!

As Dani mentioned, you have no choice but to visit Artfibers! They make just stunning yarns, they provide real inspiration. I also recommend checking out Amoeba records on the Haight, City Lights Books and the Sutro Baths. I'm so jealous, I love San Fran!

I have two words to say about the Bay Area. Zachary's Pizza. There's on in Berkeley. Worth a trip on public transport and Berkeley is WAY COOL. Pepperoni and tomato pizza at Zachary's is one thing that is just...MEMORABLE. Yum.

I have two words to say about the Bay Area. Zachary's Pizza. There's one in Berkeley. Worth a trip on public transport and Berkeley is WAY COOL. Pepperoni and tomato pizza at Zachary's is one thing that is just...MEMORABLE. Yum.

Hi! first time commenter, but thought I'd weigh in on what to do while in the Bay Area since i live here. I agree with everyone else, Artfibers. You have to go there. And take advantage of the free pattern with yarn purchase. They will take your measurements and make a pattern based on your gauge. Make sure you give yourself enought time because it does take awhile to knit up a gauge swatch and pick out a pattern.

May I suggest, while you are in S.F., going on a stairway walk? If you can, pick up the book, "Stairway walks of San Francisco." You can find it in any local S.F. bookstore and you can also find it on Amazon. The first one in the book starts and ends just down the street from Artfibers and it is sooo much fun, if you're into learning about the local history.

What a gorgeous sweater!!

Wow Steph, the front looks beautiful. I do love the cabled details.

ArtFibers. You. Must. Go. There is a beautiful silk yarn called Chai that glows. I gotta get more of it myself. It would make the nicest shawl...

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