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Blocking Rules!

I finally got down to business and finished Eris last night.  I tried her on, and man, did I need to block this sweater.  I know the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran DK Tweed I used grew a bit, because I actually washed and blocked my swatch.  This is one of those sweaters where gauge and blocking really matter.


The sleeves aren't as short as they look, I had to fold them over to fit on my handy dandy blocking board.  It's a piece of 3/4" insulating board from the Home Depot, cut in half.  They're 24"X96" and cost about 2o bucks.  I just lay the wet pieces on the board and pin away.  The last pieces survived about 2 years (and would have lasted longer if I kids weren't compelled to stick pencils and other pointy objects in them).  If only I could find some with nice inch by inch squares marked off.

And I just have to say it because it makes me feel good: I got into the basement the weekend and organized the hell out of it.  Now we can see our stuff, and nothing falls on you, and most of it is unpacked.  I have a few boxes to go and a large "garage sale" pile to get rid of (anyone need a Pliko stroller?) and then it's done.  In the process I found the rest of my stash.  I love finding yarn I haven't seen in a while, so many possibilities.


Eris looks great! And what a good idea that is for a blocking board!! :)

That's what I use for a blocking board, but I stapled 1" gingham on it to use as a guide.

Can't wait to see it on!! I love my Eris so far, I'm at the hem shaping, but have gotten distracted for a while... hope to get back to her very soon!

Most excellent sweater! And please, please, come visit me and help me with my basement! I'll pay in yarn!

Wow, nice shape! I hope you'll model it too, because I have yet to see it on someone, and I'd love to make one. I might think about adding that same shaping into the pullover version of the pattern, which is apparently not shaped.

Wow! It looks great!! Beautiful job - can't wait to see it on :-)

gorgeous Eris! sounds like a very successful weekend!

I'd love to make my Eris out of the same yarn but wondered about the growing issue. How much more did your's grow? I love the color.


Done already? You kicked butt on this one. As far as the blocking board, I think I heard somewhere that you can find fabric that has 1 inch squares on it, not a plaid but I can't think of the term for it. You can then cover the board with that HTH

Can't wait to see you wearing it in a sunlight pic. I was going to do Rogue this winter, but Eris is now calling louder!

Oh and good choice on the Jelly, that and Maramalade are 2 of my favorite colors. I love the idea of old fashioned lace in goofy colors.

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