Capitalism Running Amok


Hahahahaha! ROFLMAO [darn, why, right when I don't have a man! Grrr]

I've never seen them quite so big...


In other news.... I've started Eris :)) and I LOVE her so far!!

LMAO!! What the heck were they thinking when they shot that cover????

Oh my god, the mutant has two of them, and a look to match the corresponding hormonal surge that must cause...jay-sus.

That's pretty funny. Haven't laughed because of a blog entry in while.

Thanks for the morning lift.

I had a very similar thought but not postable.

Oy Vey!!!

We thought the same thing at the knitting circle on Saturday. The train went mostly, "He is knitting with 2 penis (peni, penises?)!" "I wonder how it is for a circular."

Good thing I'd put my coffee cup down to read this or my screen would have been splattered. LOL

Grrl, I'm laughing out loud! (and the whole office is looking at me). ;-0


But good god, Dude stepped right out of a 1974 family slide show in that butt-ugly sweater.

God forbid the guy knits with size 2.0mm DPNS! What a picture.

I never considered knitting with turkey basters, what a concept!

Oh c'mon guys, be fair--the needles are actual size--he's just really, really small.

You know what they say about big needles!

nice hair greg brady.

talk about subliminal...

I think they may have gotten their target audience wrong.
That was so 1977.

Are those really needles? they look so tapered that they could pass for a number of sizes depending on what part you are measuring. Strange...

Oh my.

Oh c'mon guys, be fair--the needles are actual size--he's just really, really small.


Not another awful cover, is the inside any better? After the new Rowan I am not sure I can bear to look.

Secretely, I'm glad they must not have accepted my design submission for this issue, because sweet heavens -- the tragedy of having to tell people "look for the magazine with the 1970s cover"!

Has anyone told

yet? :)

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