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One-armed Eris

Like everyone else I had to wait for the release of the pattern to finish ErisJenna got kinda busy so I didn't have the instructions for the sleeves.  Working on Emma's KiddieKami got me in the mood for some meditative (ie boring) knitting so the sleeve instructions came at the right time.

Yep, she's waving at you

It's fun to be working on a Fall sweater in the summer (especially since the weather has been so lovely these last 2 days--I've even had the windows open).  I will already have a finished sweater in my closet when the weather turns cool. 

Not that I'm ready for that yet.  Even with the nasty sunburn I got at the Taste of the Danforth (no, I wasn't wearing sunscreen and yes I regret it), I still want some more summer.  Especially if it's going to stay humidity and smog free.


It's looking lovely - what yarn did you use?

It looks great so far. I can't wait for you to you finish the whole thing.

Eris looks great so far. I can't believe you're *almost* done. Great job!

Did you notice that your mascot is wearing Eris?

Yes! do tell what yarn that is, I love that shade of purple!

It's Jo Sharp Silkroad DK in Emporio.

Fantastico - thanks!

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