One-armed Eris
Hey big knitter boy:


It is absolutely amazing how procrastination makes me so organized.  Instead of loafing about, knitting or just pushing stuff around in an attempt to avoid the huge (and mounting) pile of work I have, I get up and organize.  It started by making a list of what I had to do, then moved into clearing out the inboxes of my three email accounts and turned into me filing all my bills, cleaning Emma's closet and planning how to add shelves to her room for better toy management.

Now I am trying very hard to restrain myself from getting into the basement and starting to organize down there.  The basement is an utter disaster.  We just threw everything surplus down there when we moved and planned to work on it during a warm summer day since it's cool (but damp) and we wanted to have a late summer garage sale. 

Our plans were halted by a small termite problem for which we're still waiting for the exterminator (we rent, so we don't control when he comes) which meant moving everything about a foot away from all the walls.  Which really meant putting all the boxes in a huge pile in the middle of the floor.  So, I really shouldn't start organizing because that would mean I would have stuff where it shouldn't be.  Which of course, would mean the exterminator would arrive.  Maybe I should start organizing down there...



I'm the same way. At least you're getting SOMETHING done :)

LOL. I know exactly how you feel. Eris is looking great!

You know, I left boxes in the basement unorganized for a long while, and then The Universe burst my hot water heater to make me deal with it.

Just sayin' :-)

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