Capitalism Running Amok


Somehow, I ended up working on two sleeves at the same time.  Not two sleeves of the same sweater, but one sleeve of a new sweater I want to finish even though I won't be able to wear it for months, and one sleeve of an abandoned project I want to finish to get it out of the work basket.

The second Eris sleeve is moving along nicely and could be finished by the weekend.  The first Sophie sleeve is now done and is languishing in the morning sun.


Remember Sophie?


I started her last August, got halfway up the back and then got distracted by other things.  I picked her up in the spring for a bit and then cast her aside once again.  I'm not sure why I can't get this one done.  It's a perfectly nice cardigan.  It is in cotton and a bit boring, but that's never stopped me before.  But now, I want her out of the basket so I can follow where yarn temptation leads me.  I have this loose rule that I don't want more than 3 WIPs plus socks in the basket at one time.  Right now I have 4 and I really really want to start something else.  So Sophie it is for now.


That looks like a nice cardigan though I can see why it might not be awe-inspiring to actually knit. Maybe if this heat ever breaks it might come in handy one day, too. (I lie. We had a thunderstorm last night and the humidity is gone and the forecast high today is 27C. Almost perfect summer weather. Why am I in an office?)

Sophie looks nice! Hopefully you'll be able to get her done soon and move on to something more exciting! :)

I love the look of the finished product but can see how tons of stockinette would be a bit tiring. Well, good for you for being so diligent about the number of WIPs you have. That would be my goal but I am way too weak. Sigh!

Yeah, that's my loose rule too. However, I have 15. Gotta knit and get some of that stuff DONE!

These days I have more WIPs than ever and of course I keep casting on new projects too. Hopefully someday I will actually finish a few. Oye! ;)

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