Zippers 101


Beautiful job!

That is an amazing sweater and I love the color! I need to get knitting so I can add this one to my list, too. :-)

wow. It's lovely. I love the neck line! Also, I've bookmarked your zipper 100 bit, I've got one coming up soon, thanks in advance!

Wow ! Beautiful !!

Eris looks great on you. I especially like tha back neck. A lovely knit.
Fab !

Looks great! I'm not really psyched about putting a zipper in anything, but seeing it on you may make me change my mind...


Looks awesome! I've been a little nervous about making one because all that stockinette stitch makes my eye twitch (I get bored very easily) but seeing it on you...hrmmmm

That's a beauttiful cardigan, and I love the colour. Very nice choice. Thanks for the zipper tips, will come in handy later.

You look like a million bucks in that beautful sweater. Yay you! Ahhhh...I have been studiously avoiding adding anything else to the que and now you've made me go buy this pattern. So, uh, bad Steph! Bad, bad Steph in your beautiful Eris!

It looks wonderful on you!

wow! I love it!

That color is so similar to my rogue...I love it! (oops said that already)

Great job, Steph. Perfect for bringing in the fall weather

Eris looks amazing! Well done! :) It's definitely cool enough today to wear a sweater ... well, this morning, anyway. :)

this sweater is lovely and so you are, wearing it !
congratulations, you did a real good job !

i love it!

Amazing. You look lovely, and the design is stunning.

FINALLY the Eris pics, looking good! I hope to pose in my very own Eris some time this fall :)

Wow, I love it! I can't wait to start my own :-)

Wow - that's really great!! Love it! Great job.

Gorgeous, Steph!!!


Great job. I don't know how you got the zipper to work, I've never been able to do it.

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