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Zippers 101

Art Fibers goodness

First off, no Eris is not done.  I'll take it with me to the cottage tonight and give it the old college try, but I hate sewing zippers and with the weather being so lovely (ie not sweater weather) I'm just not that motivated.  Also, I have learned from painful experience not to do hard stuff like zippers at night--crooked zippers are not good.  So it just has to wait.

Instead I will distract you with something pretty.  I got out all my Art Fibers yumminess and started a wrap.  I wanted something interesting to knit and visually appealing and found it in the Colinette wrap from the Holiday 2003 VK (it's the one on the colour).  It has been a bit of a bitch to knit (these yarns are slippery and loose on 9mm needles) but the effect is stunning.  It's just a seafoam stitch with random yarn changes, but the wavy effect is nifty.


It'll look great with my new black pants and a sexy little top.  Or over the sweater I plan on making with my just arrived Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan.  This is lovely squooshy stuff.  I will use it to make this sweater from the Fall 2005 VK.


I bought the mid-blue (colour 11) and it's a bluey-grey almost denim colour.  Did I mention it's squooshy and soft?

I might blog again this weekend, but I can't say for sure.  Happy Labour Day!


I really like your ArtFibers scarf. It's looking gorgeous. I had never considered mixing yarns like that but now I'm completely inspired to try it. It's very mermaid-like. It will make you look like a sea goddess when you're finished with it!

Nice the dress very much....:)

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