Debbie Bliss

Last night Debbie Bliss was at my LYS, The Naked Sheep.  She brought a whole bunch of her new designs for us to try on and talked about the ideas behind her new books. 

I was all set to use my Astrakhan to knit that shawl-collared cardigan from the latest VK, that is,  until I tried on this:


I was surprised I liked it because it's not something I would normally wear.  But it looked good on me and I almost looked curvy in it.  Amy says that I don't know what looks good on me, but I'm learning.

It also helps when you get advice from the designer herself.  Ms. Bliss spent a bit of time with me helping me decide what size to make, convincing me to knit it smaller than I would have.  Here she is helping me with the buttons while we discuss ease, and shape and fit:


Nice eh? and I don't just mean the sweater.  She really spent the time to make sure I decided on the correct size.  So, I snatched up a few more balls of Astrakhan (the lys has the same dyelot so it was kismet) and I had my Simply Soft book signed by Debbie Bliss and now I'm home trying to resist swatching because I really need to be working.

Oh ya, I liked this one too:


I'll admit I wasn't crazy about it when I saw the book, but once I had it on, I was taken.  It's made with Alpaca Silk dk, and I'm tempted to make it.  I do have a mild sensitivity to alpaca (it makes my fingers tingle) but I didn't notice it when I had it on so I may have to buy a ball to swatch with and see.  Now I know why designers do these tours, to suck you in with their lovely garments and pleasant conversation.

I spent the rest of the evening talking all things fibrey over beers with author extraordinaire, The Yarn Harlot (who has her own Debbie Bliss story to tell) and her friends Denny and Emma (also women of wry humour and many talents).  I got home late, and am a bit tired today, but it was a good knitty evening.


You look hot in that sweater & it gives you a waist!

That sweater looks good. It took me a while to work out what suited me too. And to learn to go for closer fitting stuff. But I've been really happy with the outcome.

Very, very nice. I love close-fitting, curvy stuff.

You HAVE to make that sweater. It looks gorgeous on you!

Debbie Bliss and The Harlot in one evening? Talk about the Knitterati :)

That is a great sweater, and looks fantastic on you! I saw Debbie Bliss' new book at my Knitting Guild meeting on Tuesday. It has a lot of nice patterns in it, I think. :)

Oh, I'm jealous! Sound like you had a great evening!

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