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(said with a whiny voice)

I feel bleh.  One of the wonderful gifts you get from you kids is whatever germs/viruses/bacterias they pick up from being out in the world.  This one was a lovely present from Alexander, who had the same symptoms but which his strong childhood immune system beat up pretty well.  His mother didn't fare so great.  I feel awful.  Even my standard Advil Cold and Sinus isn't helping--whatever the stuff is that makes it non-drowsy is making me jittery.

Before I medicate and sleep again two pieces of business:

1. Please please please if you haven't done so already, donate to support my Run (well walk) for the Cure.  It's the big fundraiser for breast cancer research and Team Knitty is trying to raise $5000.  We're super super close to our goal and every dollar counts.  My donation button is on the left or go to the KnittyBlog and donate there.  Thanks a ton. 

2. It's my anniversary...11 years ago today Craig and I went to the courthouse and made it legal.  Love you sweetie.  (You can see our wedding picture at last year's anniversary post--too sick to pull out another one--and really this was an elopement there weren't many).

Now back to bed for me (I have a meeting I can't get out of at 3pm today and I need to conserve my energy) And, I want to go out and celebrate with Craig tomorrow.

Eats, shoots and leaves--Knitting Edition

Amazing how being punished for your one foray into gas guzzling madness--driving to work to save time only to get caught in major traffic and it takes longer than public transit--gives you time to think up your next entry.

Last night I took some time for myself, plunked my ass in front of the TV, decided to give Boston Legal a try (no cable so I missed it before) and knit Mermaid.  I'm on the first gusset--the triangle bits at the hem that give it the nice flare--and really it's not that hard. Unless you forget what the purpose of a comma is.

Knit to 7 sts before the previous yo, turn yo...

See the tiny little comma, the one before the word turn, well I didn't.  I saw

Knit to 7 sts before the previous (some comma blindlness or stupidity here) yo, turn yo. 

You're all thinking how the hell did she do a yo at the end of the row, turn and do another one?  I actually struggled with this.  It's hard.  Apparently I made something up because it worked (well that means I was able to knit back and continue this 7 times).  Then I got to the next step and realized I had too many stitches.  Fucking comma--why couldn't it have been bigger?  Like this:


So I had a hope in hell of seeing it and not ripping it all back.  I know the real question is why did my brain just compensate and charge forward like a knitter at a 99 cent a ball cashmere sale instead of realizing that my interpretation was a tad impossible.  But I prefer to blame the comma.  Now where's my copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves?  I have some brushing up to do.

A Political Fantasy

I've been preparing my lecture on the history of the Women's Health Movement and had the students read a classic Gloria Steinem article, If Men Could Menstruate: A Political Fantasy to push the discussion a bit and show the kinds of revolutionary thinking that marked second-wave feminism.

Then I took a break and meandered over to my favourite bit of modern-day feminism--I blame the patriarchy.  Seems that you knitters are going over there in droves. Twisty Faster claims that she has nearly 5000 knitters reading her sharp brand of patriarchy blaming. Cool!

The whole post is here.  I encourage you to read the comments because Twisty writes another Political Fantasy which I rather enjoy:

I must say, this has been quite the eye-opener. I never would have guessed that there existed at large a rogue gang of iconoclastic feminist yarn jockeys. You guys are great!

I envision my next rumble in a dark alley:

Me: I'd drop those unflattering epithets if I were you.

Wanker Gang Leader: Oh yeah? What're ya gonna do, blame me to death?

Me: You see those guys? [gestures] [Cut to 4872 women who have until now been obscured in shadow. They put down their skeins and stand up one by one, brandishing needles. Slowly, silently, menacingly, they begin to advance.]

Wanker: No--no--it can't be--they're not--I mean, it's just a legend--

Me: Oh, it's no legend. They're...[dum-dum DAH-dum!]...the Knitters. And they're pissed. [Exit Wanker, pursued by Knitters]

(photo from Knitting Activist)

Revolutionary women's knitting circle anyone?

It's starting to look like something

I'm having a good time knitting Mermaid.  True, it's all garter stitch (except for the i-cord) but there's always something to think about: a decrease, a gusset, a colour change, the nifty edge detail, and sometimes all of it on one row. 

And it's slow knitting because I'm using 3mm needles at a gauge of 6.25 sts to the inch and becaust this sweater is constructed from front edge around to the other front edge in one piece--there's a lot of stitches on the needles.

Here's a shot to show you what it looks like so far:


And here's a close up so you can see the lovely subtle stripe:


Now off to work on my lecture like a good girl so I can spend tonight doing some more knitting.  That is, after I paint the three doors in the wonder I never get any knitting done anymore.


1. Knit 75cm of i-cord   


2. Pick up 181 stitches along the i-cord making sure to pick up the same stitch all the way up to make a lovely straight ling


3. Knit 2 rows to get things started.


4. Sit back and ask: "That's all I've knit since the weekend???"


Pictures to follow when I actually have something to show.   It's a tough way to start a sweater, but it sure is nice.  I keep the pattern photo beside me for motivation.

We interrupt this blog for A Special Message. Normal blogging should resume shortly

I've been too busy to knit or blog the last few days (these teaching thing is tough, but I'm almost getting the hang of it).

I will be knitting tonight while I watch LOST (it's about the only tv I'll purposely set aside time for so I'm extra excited) so I'll have something to post soon.

In the meantime, for all you feminists out there, please enjoy this special message brought to you by my favouritist feminist blogger Twisty Faster.

I think that sums up things nicely, don't you?


Knitting Content!

The movies are over.  SPL was the last film--a good solid Hong Kong action flick.  I must say there could have been less dialogue and more hand-to-hand content, but it was a solid film nonetheless.

I've been swatching.  The orange one is going to be Bless using Rowan Cork and a Kim Hargreaves pattern from The Cork Collection.  The yarn is soft and squooshy and this is going to be a nice winter sweater. 


The black swatch is Mermaid, and the i-cord below is the start of Mermaid.  Yup, you start at the front edge by making 25 inches of i-cord.  Then you pick up and start the sweater (which is knit from side to side.  This yarn is skinny and firm and I'm excited to see it grow on the needles.  This will likely not be a sit in front of the tv sweater to knit, but the end result is definitely going to be worth the effort.

I wish I could just knit it now but I have IKEA shelves to build (some will house the stash) and a lecture to write.  However I did see NINE movies this week so the extra overtime is totally worth it.

So this is how startitis starts

First, another movie review.  The Proposition starring Guy Pearce (yum), Ray Winstone and Emily Watson.  This is an anti-Western set in the middle of nowhere, Australia near the turn of the century.  There are no "good-guys" in this movie--except possible the aboriginal people who were likely minding their own business when the white man decided things needed to be "civilized" in Australia.

I liked the movie, and it's sticking with me today, but I can't say I loved it.  I don't know why exactly.  Maybe I'm having viewer fatigue.  The performances were good, the cinematography excellent and the sound in this film is absolutely amazing--one of the best sounding films I've ever heard.  You feel like you're there hearing the guns, the bugs (there are lots of flies in the outback), the flogging, and the spears.  It's a story of brutality in many forms.  Maybe it's not a movie to love, but one to admire and respect. 

And did I mention Guy Pearce?  He's yummy in real life too, and cleans up good compared to how he looks in the movie.

Now, I almost have some knitting content.  Mermaid arrived in the mail today. 


That's my kidsilk haze in Jelly sitting on top of it.  Now I have 4 new projects lined up and I want to start them all first.  Too bad I have a pile of work to do (I seriously procrastinated on writing my first lecture--which is tomorrow--and now my sleep time is going to pay) AND I'm supposed to be finishing Sophie before I start something new so I can stick to my 3 projects + socks (or something easy) rule.  Don't tell anyone I'm swatching some Cork in the movie lines okay?

Combine Harvesters and Evil Aliens

Every Monday should be like today.  Get up, drop kids at daycare, come home and work for a few hours, hop on your bike and see a B movie.

Evil Aliens was good gory fun.  It was so campy I could have pitched a tent and roasted marshmellows.  This film is part of the Midnight Madness series at the Festival--which premieres the weird, wacky and bloodsoaked.  Being a mom means that midnight films are hard to swing so I caught the second showing this morning.  The director/writer/producer Jake West suggested this film have a two drink minimum, but even sober it was great.


Basically aliens devoid of all morals do some nasty stuff to a band of misfits who are investigating an alien abduction.  There is your usual sex scene that goes horribly awry, shot guns, anal probes, alien babies in human bodies, geeks, naysayers and doomsayers, lots of blood and a combine harvester.*  Well that part isn't so usual, so use your imagination--the above photo should give you a hint.

This is the perfect movie to watch with some pals, beer and popcorn.  A lovely way to start the week.

*Please oh please click the link--it's work safe I promise, but it does take a minute to download.