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Don't you hate it when you're knitting on a long commute and you run out of yarn on the way TO work.  You know, when you have an hour ride FROM work and don't have any knitting.

Damn.  Now I'm going to have to do work on the subway instead.  Crap.

Almost back to normal

**Sorry if the photos aren't working. Typepad is being funny today. Please check back later.

Today I write my last lecture.  No I am not sad, I am very, very happy.  I like teaching, a lot, but the preparation time to teach a new course is huge and I'll be happy to have the time back to do my regular research work and to knit and spend time with the family and do whatever.  I still have to mark one assignment and the final exam (which I need to finish writing) but we're nearing the end.

I can also tell things are almost normal because I did something I haven't done in a while.  I knit a whole bunch.  I sat on my butt in front of the TV the last two night and knit.  And I have something to show for it.

First, one finished Bless sleeve (and I started the second one) and one finished Craig sock (no I haven't gotten around to casting on the second one).


And, I'm past the centre back on Mermaid (that's the blue line on the right).  It's not as bright and contrasty as this picture, I used the flash so you could see the nifty stripes and cool construction better.  I love knitting this sweater. 


This is the sweater that has my attention right now and I'm hoping to work hard today so I can resume carving out the ass divet (no snarky comments about the size of my butt please) on my couch tonight.  There has to be something good on TV on Tuesdays right?


This weekend is getting awfully busy.  I have a bunch of fun things to do which mean I'll be slacking off the work at bit, and to quote a poncho-wearing ex-con, that's a good thing.

The key to doing too many things in one weekend is preparation.  Step one, work from home on Friday so you can do the laundry and this:


Well, I actually went to Aveda for this.  The colour is Double Indemnity--hard to resist sparkly nail polish named after good film noir. 

Tonight we made loot bags and got things ready for Alexander's birthday party. 


My little guy is turning 5 tomorrow.  We dragged out the baby pictures and I told him stories about when he was born.  He was so enamoured with them he did not ask me how he came out of mommy's uterus, and that's a good thing too. 

The house is ready, the pinata is stuffed and now we're praying to the FSM that another kid does not cancel on us.  We invited 6, had 3 who couldn't make it, but now one more is sick and we're nont sure if she's coming.  Anyone got a 4 to 5 year old I could borrow for the afternoon?

After this I have to finish the Art Fibers wrap which is the foundation of my outfit for tomorrow's holiday party (it ain't a Christmas party--I bet half of Craig's company or more does not celebrate Christmas--Toronto is a very multicultural city and I like that).  I have just a smidge more to go before I run out of most of the yarns. 

Then tomorrow it's clean the house, bathe the kids and do the party.  Then the company "do", sleep, a brunch with some old friends, rush home and entertain the entourage of family that's coming for a visit (my brother's birthday is Sunday).  Then I relax on the couch and enjoy some peace and quiet.  I could get prepared for that too.  Think I'll go have a beer right now.

Japanese Knitting

There's been a lot references to Japanese knitting patterns floating around the virtual knitting world lately and I'm becoming rather smitten with the work that's being produced there.  Classic but innovative, and really interesting and challenging knits.  Cara's latest link is very enticing.

So I thought I would ask, what's your favourite book/link/pattern/stitch guide from Japan?

ArtFibers Wrap Update: I knit another few inches last night while watching A Series of Unfortunate Events (very good film).  I'm getting to the end of a few of the balls of yarn, so I'm nearing the end.  Hopefully I won't be weaving in ends in the car on the way to the party. 

Does this...


...mean I've finished something?

No.  It means I'm getting a tad worried about finishing something.  I want to be finished my Art Fibers Wrap (from the Holiday 2003 VK--cover piece) by Saturday night to wear it to Craig's (boring) holiday party.  I don't want to buy something new for this (boring) party, so this will give me a bit of holiday glitz with my black pants and black sleeveless velvet top. 

Thing is, I have a ton of work to do this week, and Alexander's birthday party (that same Saturday) to finalize plans for.  So while I'm pretty close to finishing:


I still have about 13" to knit before it's the right length.  I figured I should do the boring work of weaving in the ends now, so that I can always bind off in a rush to wear it for the party and finish it later. 

I really did have time to finish it this weekend since I finished my marking yesterday, but I got tempted by the Bless sleeve,


And going in circles, a la Lauren's lovely design.


And I even baked chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and muffins.  I don't know what's come over me.  Life is either getting back to normal (since this is the most knitting I've shown off this fall) or I'm completely neglecting my work, or I'm neglecting my work in service of not neglecting my mental health.  I vote for the last one.

Wow, the results are impressive!

Last night I spent some time trolling (or should I say wading) around plastic surgery websites looking for some information for my lecture on appearance-related health concerns.  When I was done, I craved a chemical shower with a wire brush (think of Meryl Streep in Silkwood).

Holy shit, these guys (and girls) are selling some serious notions of ideal femininity!  For example, take labiaplasty (which I hadn't heard of until Twisty wrote about it).  Sure, it is likely on the fringe of cosmetic procedures (since liposuction and breast augmentation are the big sellers) but it certainly says something about how the female body should look, down there.  Some feminists (and I would include myself after my search yesterday) note that there is increasing pressure on women to conform to ideals of femininity derived directly from the sex industry with neatly trimmed labia and a brazillian waxed box.  And don't forget the gravity-defying uber-boobs.

Hell, until I started to read about this more, I didn't even know that there were beauty standards I need to consider for my vulva and vagina.  They work fine, don't get in the way, and really, I don't give them much thought.  So why the fuck would I want to willingly have someone mess around with them with a knife and lasers while I'm under anesthetic?  Having my perinenum stitched after the birth of my kids, taught me that lesson, thank you very much.

But I have to admit the results are compelling.  Take this site for example.  Apparently after the surgery I will look like this:


All this from having my labia surgically trimmed!  That's the picture at the top of the "Cosmetic Surgery of the Female Genitalia" page.  Of course with a nifty neat and trim box, I'll be so fuckable that I will of course look like this to all the guys.

Notice on the breast augmentation page, there is no studio-shot picture of a bikini clad headless woman, or even boobs.  What the hell is this man selling anyway?  And why the fuck would women buy it?

I've been knitting!

Even though there is a pile of 89ish essays waiting to be marked at my feet, I took a little time this week to knit.  Nothing more than mindless stockinette, but I accomplished something and that feels good.

Exhibit A: Bless Back


Exhibit B: Craig's Sock


This is my first after-thought heel.  It was okay to get started, but I don't think I would use it again unless I have to--too fiddly.  I just thought I would give it a try and now I have it in my sock knitting arsenal.  I still have another whole sock to finish after this heel, then I can get into the Rhinebeck basket and do some Socks that Rock. 

Now do I sit down and work on the sock (I have a cup of tea and a comfy chair staring at me), mark papers, do Xander's birthday invitations, plant bulbs, do laundry or change the beds?