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Well, if I don't have time to knit, I can treat myself to some goodies.  A virtual friend of mine, Rosemary, makes some fabulous shawl pins and jewelry.  Today, the postal karma was on my side and I received these, just when I needed them most.


I love this shawl pin.  I'm wearing it with my Charlotte right now.  Most pins I've seen are huge and gawdy or covered in cartoon sheep and do not compliment a fine lace shawl. 


This one is simple and understated and elegant and I love it.

The necklace was just an impulse buy.  It's unique and funky and well I deserve a baubble once in a while.


Rosemary has a web site in the works.  I'll post the link once she gives me the okay.

**The link is now up: Designs by Romi.  Check it out.


I agree totally!! The pin is beautiful!! Please do post the website - I think she'd have a lot of customers ;-)

The scarf pin is gorgeous! I haven't seen any that look delicate enough not to compete against lace knitting, but that pin is perfect.

i love the necklace, it's beautiful.

Wow... I want one of those... I really want one of those. Please do post a link when she's ready.

What a beautiful pin and necklace. I definitely would love the link when your friend is ready.

That shawl pin is gorgeous! I too would love the link when she's ready to have a site.

Lovely!! :)

Beautiful! The pin really compliments your Charlotte. I love the necklace with the clasp in front.

Oh! I have a Charlotte's Web and I *need* a shawl pin! I would love to know how to get in touch with her even if the site isn't ready yet. Pretty please? :D

I am looking for the item that Barbara Streisand wore in a scene from Meet the Fockers. She had on a sleeveless shirt with a shawl around her shoulders that was clipped onto the armholes of the shirt with clips. I am looking for an item like those clips. The scene is the one where they are eating on the patio.
I have never seen those types of clips. What are they called? Any help in locating clips like these would be appreciated.

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