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Boffo Baby Bolero Bolsters Bad Day

I had a bad day.  I suffered a series of unfortunate events, none of which were particularly bad on their own, but which made me crack open a beer and stay away from sharp objects by the time 8pm rolled around. 

Even though it was tempting fate, I did bind off the final bit of the baby bolero and weave in the ends.  It is lovely.


It really was a one skein project--all I had left was a tiny ball of Blue Sky Cotton--a lovely soft yarn to that knits up really nicely. 

Of course, sweaters look better modeled:


Here's hoping the baby it's made for is not much bigger than this bear.  He was born 3 weeks ago and I need to get this into the mail NOW.   

There's also a nice little motif in the back, which is supposed to be a symbol of good luck. 


I am now off to paste this symbol all over my body in hopes of a better day tomorrow. 


Finishing off such a sweet little sweater has to give you a good karmic start on tomorrow.

Love the bolero and especially the colour! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

AAwwwwww. Would that all my bad days would end with such a cute lil sweater. Tomorrow will be good.

Beatiful baby bolero! Hoping tomorrow is as bright and sunny.

Awwww, so super cute!

Very cute!! :) I love the little lace symbol on the back. :)

Is that from the One Skein book? I love the way it looks knitted up! What a lucky baby... Now you've made me want to find some Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton and knit one up.

What a lovely one-skein project! You did beautifully. :)

I can't wait to begin mine.

The baby bolero is marvy! I, too, am, going to tattoo that "good luck" symbol all over my body.......

I love the little motif...very unique.

That is beautiful. Quick - send it off before the baby grows!

bravo! beautiful! bang up job! (enough b's for ya?).

are you going to join/have joined the one skein secret pal exchange? i'm tempted, myself, except i dont' have the book yet, lol

The bolero is very adorable! Tomorrow is a new day and a brand new start. Good luck.

So great! I've put that book on my wish list.

Very nice! That book is going on my wishlist.

The bolero is beautiful and such a nice colour.

How lovely! I think the color is gorgeous!

Prettyyyyy! I love the little bolero :)

Very cute! I've made one too, but I really like your choice of a bright color. Fun!

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