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It's almost nine on Sunday night and I've finally taken the time to blog.  This means that I didn't photograph the gorgeous Koigu I'm knitting up for Charlotte's Web V (aka Sunset Shawl) so you get to see an over-lit and under-lit version of it, neither of which does it justice.

Charlotte_1_1 Charlotte2

This shawl is a lot like knitting socks for me.  I don't need a pattern, and I can knit it anywhere.  And it suits my current busy-mental state which can only handle this kind of rote knitting.  I only have 8 (long) rows to go and then I can do the finishing.  This shawl totally encapsulates my current colour binge--pinks and oranges.  Very nice and springy on a rainy weekend.  After this I'll get back to the Sunrise Circle Jacket (done the sleeve part, only one more round piece to go) and hopefully be in a mindset to tackle something more challenging.  Something that'll be interesting to blog about too.


I can imagine halfway in between. :)

That shawl is just gorgeous - I can't wait to see it finished!

It is SOOOOOO pretty! Great colors too!

The colors look beautiful!

perfect name for those colors. they blend together so nicely!

I'm imagining the colour right between too, and its beautiful!

ps: I got the blocking wire kit from "The Finishing Touch" -- no web presence that I can find :( but phone = 905-891-9535 and email =

pps: I picked up Big Girl Knits and you were right this book is amazine for everyone... and there's this lovely bag pattern in it I'm just dying to knit!

Beautiful! I love those colours. :)


I was flipping through a friend's copy of Big Girl Knits today...your bag is gorgeous! Definitely on my must-knit list!!
Congrats Stephannie!

can you bring it to stitch n bitch so we can see it in it's real colours?

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