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Behold the final Charlotte's Web Shawl*. 


This is the last one--five is enough.  I really loved the colours in this one and kept all the ball bands so I might be able to make something nifty using these colours in the future (maybe a blanket or a series of socks or scarf).  My only issue was that I crocheted the edge a tad too tight** which made blocking a challenge and created a rounder shape than the triangle it's supposed to be.

And while I did manage to finish it on my Aunt Charlotte's birthday (Happy Birthday Auntie Charlie!), I didn't get it to her since she lives in a different city.  But now I have a reason to go visit the family (everyone's in the same place) or possibly my Aunt will be making a trip to the city.

*I need some photographic help from someone like Michelle because my pictures suck.

**I should listen to Laura.  She's a smart cookie she is.


Oooh! I actually like it better rounded-er!


I agree, the rounded shape does NOT look like an error, it looks good!!! Love the colors too.
BFN, :)

WOw. You rock.

The colors are GORGEOUS! I would love a list of the color numbers you used.

And I hope your bad news gets better. I am thinking of you.

I think the picture looks pretty good! It shows off the colours and the round shape (which I actually kind of like too) very nicely!

Beautiful! Can you send me the list of colors you used? I think this is the nicest color selection I have seen on a Charlotte yet!

Lovely! I agree about the colours, definitely one of the best if not the best combination I have seen in this shawl.You've knit it 5 times! That is dedication for you I doubt I would have made it past two ( I'm easily bored)

Ooooh, so pretty. Thing you could post what colours you used?

I like the colour combo. Why is your charlotte so much bigger than mine?

Beautiful. Just gorgeous.

It looks great!!! I'm not the hugest of Charlotte fans (unless, of course, we're talking about my niece Charlotte ;-) ) but I really love this one. Do they usually have fringe? I don't remember fringe. I LOVE the fringe!

I like the rounded edge! And the colors you chose are breathtaking. Maybe someday there will be a Charlotte in my future.

Yum. That one looks nearly edible.

Dude. FIVE? I made 4 and I thought that was bad! This one is spectacular! Which is your favorite? I think maybe you should post a retrospective of your history with dear Charlotte...

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