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Here's a list of the colours I used starting from the top: P219 8, P211 148 P803 56, P216 19, P621 105.  The second number is the dyelot.  Remember that every dyelot of koigu is unique so it might be hard to reproduce.  I bought all the yarn from Four Seasons Knitting about a year ago, but she may have more.  J0-Ann, the owner, picked the colours for me and she's amazing.  I'm sure she can suggest some amazing colours for you too.

And, some more photos, might as well take advantage of the sun.

Charlotte_up_close_1 Charlotte_on_the_grass


This is very beautiful. And one of the things I like about Koigu and patterns that use Koigu is how unique they all are -- and what an adventure they are. While it is compelling to see a yarn of glory that someone is knitting with, I also really like to find something else new and glorious -- and Koigu satisfies that desire v. well.

woo my grass looks good

it's dreamy - although way way way better live.

It's just so beautiful! I love the pic of it on the grass...its texture juxtaposed ith that of the grass. Nice indeedy!

How beautiful!

I can't believe how beautiful this is - a real piece of art!

Stunning. I love it. The colour setup is just fantastic.

lovely charlotte! and i totally agree about jo anne at four seaons knitting, she is the best!

I adore this so much... the colors remind me of a sunset.


I haven't seen a Charlotte prettier than yours. Stunning. Did you use more than 5 skeins? Haven't started one yet, but am pretty close to the "start" gate. I want one the size of yours. Is it the blocking that makes them all different sizes, or the amount of yarn used? Thanks for any help you can give me to get me going.

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