March 21, 2007

Back to regular And She Knits Too! programming Holy comments Batman! What an interesting discussion. I wanted to do a little content analysis to sum it all up (I'm currently in content analysis mode at work, so it seemed natural) but I just didn't have the time. I assure you I read and considered every comment and while I didn't respond to all of you, I did pop over and visit a few new blogs and I gained a solid understanding of people's take on blogging and blog commenting. As I said before I love the interactivity blogging creates, and your thoughtful comments just went to prove my point. Thanks! My personal life has been a bit topsy turvey lately which means that I've been really busy with work. I'm starting a 4th employment contract this Monday which just adds to the pile of stuff I need to do for pay. My teaching is winding down by the end of April and the Post-Doc is in the final stages, but I need to take what I can find when I find it so right now blogging, knitting and socializing may be on the low side for a bit. I did have a small triumph--my first, first-authored academic article was published on Wednesday. I have some more in the peer-review tubes but this is the first and I'm really happy about it. Now to knitting. My parents have been visiting and my extra-super-Mom has been taking very good care of us. Laundry is done, meals are cooked, house is clean--which leaves lots of time for knitting. Uncle Ken's second sock is coming along nicely: I fear I'll run out of yarn. I even dug out my scale and it says I'll have just enough. The heels on these socks may not match, but I can live with that in the interest of not having to rip back. Next time I'm knitting toe-up socks (I usually do, so this is adding to the fear). Pimlico is also cooking along. It's a beautiful garment but rather boring. A 32" rectangle is not exciting. I'm at 13" so it's getting less fun by the minute. It would be perfect for this time of year, so I need to get cracking. Bohus, Collette and Colourwork Classic are marinating. I haven't got the mental energy to knit these (and with a house full of people it just isn't wise) but I'm thinking fondly of them. Instead of just getting to knitting business, I started something else using Noro Iro that my super fabulous virtual pal Ann sent me. I love Iro and decided being wrapped in Sherbie--a nice knit jacket--would be the perfect thing. This one would be perfect for cool Spring mornings and I might even finish it before the weather is warm. The back is done: It needs serious blocking to spread the ribs and get the 23.24" chest measurement. I'm blocking this part first to see if I'm knitting the correct size. I made myself do the XS because the small...

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