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Seanna Lea asked me an interesting question today and since I'm a bit light in the knitting content (ie I haven't touched yarn in 2 whole days and it isn't looking good for today) I thought I'd answer it here and ask you chime in as well:

What shoes do you wear your pretty socks in, or do you just wear them around the house?
I'm looking for something I can wear my pretty socks in ideally at work.

Well, until last week I was working in the free-dressing world of academia so I wore what I liked (I still can 3 days a week).   I'm always cold so I wore my socks in my various pairs of winter boots and they didn't show.  But that's okay because I knew I was wearing them.

If I want to shoe them off I like my Birks (several pairs) or I wear them in my Mag t-strap Mary Janes so they peek out the top.  I find my socks don't fit into every pair of shoes and I have handknit sock shoes and other sock shoes which are mostly work and warm-weather shoes (I find my socks too warm after about April).

I think Mary Janes and Clogs are good for sock-flashing.  Something a bit chunky to go with the slightly heavier texture of hand-knit socks.

What do you think?


Mary-janes are a good option for the hand-knit socks, but I also love wearing mine with Crocs, which are easy to slip off under a desk.

Do you think socks would work well in these?

And Crocs now come in a Mary Jane style!

Assuming I ever actually finish a pair of socks, I'd like to finish a pair that goes over the top of ankle-high Doc Martens. Something about handknit socks and Docs just goes together.

Clogs all the way. Also, short high water pants help as well...

I have been mulling this over for awhile. It is a dilema. I think clogs is the way to go. If you are a socks and sandals kinda person, then go for it!!

I agree with the Mary Janes. But I have a few special pairs that are a half-size larger, wider, or both for showing off my socks. I work in a loft and going up and down the ladder in clogs is just too hazardous.

Some time ago there were some ads in various knitting magazines showing clear plastic shoes, but I never saw those in stores. Did you?

You just inspired me go go buy some Danskos at Zappos. Free one-day shipping this month!

I like the Birks... was thinking of photographing some sock in some Birks soon...
A nice Mary-Jane would be lovely as well... I have a fun pair of Rocket Dogs in a Mary-Jane style, they show off a pretty sock quite nicely!
Happy knitting,

What a great discussion question. I have been looking for a new pair of shoes to show off my knitted socks. I want something easy to slip on and off too. Crocs have been on my list for some time now but I want something that is a little dressier so I can wear it to work. I have to be practical!

I wear mine with my mary-jane Crocs for work.

It sounds li8ke your new Keens are going to be perfect for this ...

It looks like your new Keens are going to be perfect for this ...

Doc Martens Mary Janes are it for me. I have bought them one size larger than normally, so they fit with hand-knits.

I work in a business casual corporate environment and wear my handknit socks with maryjane earth shoes and also Dansko clogs. Maryjanes, in general, are my handsdown favorites for showing off the socks and they are damn comfy too.

I wear my socks mostly in non-work situations because I am a lawyer and have to dress the part. I like clogs and birkenstocks, but my latest warm weathr idea is to wear them with my crocs. I love my socks the wilder the better-I get tons of black, grey and navy during the week.

Oh, and there are specific fancy heel designs for sandal and clog sock-heels. Can't remember the name of the sock book, saw it at the lys. Basically, the design is continued down the back of the heel since it will not rub against anything there is no need for reinforcement.

I wear handknit socks everywhere, but especially for traveling. I have a pair of black Geier Wallys that really show them off from the ankle up. I work in a museum so the eclectic look is the norm and actually expected.

Definitely mary janes. I like them to peek out!

Clogs all the way - that way I don't wear out the heels on my hand-knits.

Due to arthritis I only wear clogs or Crocs and find them ideal for showing off my socks. Have a pair of the clearer plastic clogs but find them way too hot so I'm going to have to put some holes in them.

as soon as I started knitting socks and realised I could never go back to regular socks I bought a pair of Mary Janes and a pair of clogs. Love them - seeing my socks peeking out makes me happy :o)

I dress professionally at work. I wear my socks with Naturalizer loafers under my dress pants.

I agree!

I have a pair of Sketchers Mary Janes that I bought specially to wear with socks. They have a T-strap design also that I'm planning to get.

Topsiders. I still haven't shaken the preppy side.

I wear them with penny loafers, 1/2 size larger to accommodate the socks. Anything mediumweight (STR Med. or Sweet Georgia Speed Demon)qualifies as an around-the-house comfy sock.

I wear crazy socks with loafery style shoes and my works pants. Crazy socks are like sassy underwear to me - I don't care if other people see them. It makes me feel cool knowing they're there.

I recently picked up yet another pair of Converse All-Stars, which of course I won't lace up all the way to the top. As soon as they come in, I'm picking up another pair of low tops as well. I love it when these shows come back in style. Such classics.

I wear loafers most the time. I also have a pair of see-thru vinyl clogs that I carried in my shop, when I had a knit shop (closed it Jan of 2006).

Where can I find see-thru crocs? Or maybe, see-thru boots? please help.

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