April 03, 2007

Use your imagination Thanks for all the shoe enabling. We've even sucked in Rachel H. who will probably smack me when I see her on Wednesday, or kick me with a really nice pair of Keens. I didn't manage to find the ones I want in Toronto--I suspect they aren't in Canada since they're not on the Canadian website, but I now have a few places to look for other styles. But I won't be shoeless. I have these red ones coming thanks to my connection on the shoe-underground-railroad Rosemary (did you see her pins in the Spring VK?). I know I don't have the time to shop in person, so hopefully these will fit. Or, I'll have a nice pair of shoes for sale on this blog. This weekend combined some fun--a day of knitting with friends--and work around the house (Craig installed a dryer vent i.e. made a hole in our house--we're getting good at holes--and I provided the necessary support). It was good I got in some knitting time because work is so busy I'm not sure I'll have time again this week (blogging is a break from work at 9pm--bleh). I did make more progress on the Pimlico Shrug--my current must-get-it-done knit. I have 28 of the 34 inches completed on the body and it's soooooooooo boring. A big square is worse than sleeves or bodies or endless stockinette in the round. There is nothing to denote progress, no shaping, no bind off for armhole nothing. Thanks FSM the sleeves are done. Though the 300+ stitches I have to pick up and knit 2X2 rib for the collar (and then increase to 500 sts) is making me a bit woozy. I have no photo since it's just a bigger square than before. Please use your imagination--it'll be more exciting when I finish and show you the 34" square.

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