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Now with more naughty bits!

I had my blog rated using this little thing found over at Feministing (they got a PG-17).

Apparently I will have to use the words fuck and vagina more in my posts since being G-rated is so, G-rated.  How I will work that into knitting I'm not sure.  Well, maybe "fucking, god-damn, stupid, whoring, swatch with your lying ways.  I'm going to rip you to shreds for LYING".  I'll never trust you again...I trusted your summer tweed ass before, but not this time you bitch!

It was probably a nice portent that I installed the anti-spam filter yesterday after a shit-load of comment spam.  Sorry, but it has to be done.  Fucking spam-robots.

That's a start.  And no, it's not that bad between me and the Summer Tweed.  I also remember that it tends to grow with wear.  Or, IT BETTER.

Coppery Sparkly Thing

I finally got around to stringing the beads for my second Bauble.  While I love my other one, this one is more my colour.  The knitting doesn't take long, but I'm not done it yet.  I need to really concentrate and I'm not in the mood; I just submitted an article and my brain is tired.

Pretty eh?


I'm planning a matching necklace using the leftover beads.  Something less chunky, but I'm not sure what yet.

More Bike Eye-Candy

Thanks for all the bike information, keep it coming!  I rode behind a woman riding the first Trek bike from the last post, but we never hit a red light so I could ask her opinion of it. 

Last night I checked out Electra bikes.  *Swoon*  So funky and cute-reminds me of the candy apple red, chopper style bike with the red metallic sparkle banana seat I had as a kid (I loved that bike).

This one is my favourite (daisies!)


And they have one called Pajama party (the pink is covered in hearts!)


Some of you really like them too, so I will be checking them out.  More than I wanted to pay, but they seem to have some nice features.  I rather like the Townie style since it seems very easy to ride (see their site for all the details--you can have your feet flat on the ground while sitting and still pedal properly).  My sore shoulders today are screaming: get an upright frame already!


And just like a kid you can deck it out with crazy fenders, a bell and basket and even tassles!  Emma will be *so* jealous.  I already told her if I win the lottery I'll buy her and her brother the kids' versions.  Actually, we're looking for good, no frills bikes for them (so many bikes have way too much junk on them that kids just don't need).  These would fit the bill except for the big price tag.  Funny how the simple products (no tv characters, no gears, coaster brakes) coast more than a done up heavy bike from Canadian Tire.

Bike for Cruisin'

I rode my bike to work for the first time today.  It's a bit late in the riding season for me, but my current storage situation (very old garage) and my own sluggishness kept me back. 

While on my bike this morning I wondered why I waited so long.  The exercise and general feeling of being on a bike was so much nicer than being in a crammed subway car.

I like my 12 year old Concorde Kudu mountain bike, but it's time for a new bike better suited to my commute and almost-37-year-old-skirt-wearing body.

Yesterday I browsed some bikes and rather liked this one:


It's a Trek 7000 and it has a nice upright style and is sorta funky.  It has 21 speeds which is probably more than I need and skinny road tires which is what I'm looking for.  There are some better models of this bike with more suspension (in the front forks) and better components but I doubt I need all that either.

While I liked this bike, I think I want something snazzier.  People buy cars for looks, and I see no problem doing the same for my vehicle.  I'm thinking I would like more of a cruiser style like one of these:


(Trek Wasabi 3 speed--so retro)


Giant Simple 7 speed


Trek Calypso 7 speed

I'm narrowing down what I want: a few speeds, fenders and a chain guard would be nice (though aren't mandatory), the ability to have a rear carrier of some kind (currently I use a milk crate which is functional, though not pretty), a more relaxed ride.

I would love to hear what other bikers have to say about their bikes, particular those with women's cruisers or hybrids.  There are so many options, it's hard to decide.

WIP Roundup

I used to be a 3 projects + socks kinda knitter, but I drifted.

Thing is, I don't like the idea of having too many projects on the needles at one time--it just messes with my type-A, keep things organized, have control personality.  The other thing is, I have the urge to knit a whole bunch of new things on top of what I'm knitting now, so I need to just make a list and see where I come out at the end.

I suppose I could do all this in Ravelry, but I'm still getting thing organized over there, and while I love the whole idea of the place, I still like the blog medium better.

Current WIPs and their ontological status (from oldest to newest):

1. Colourwork classic.  I actually picked this up and started working on the sleeve again this week.  So I guess I'm not ready to let this one go, despite the fact that it's 2.5 years old and reflects my emerging skills in stranded knitting.

2. Collette.  Lace and Intarsia and craziness.  I think I want to own this one more than I want to wear it since I haven't touched it since about February.  I'm also too lazy to unravel it right now so it's in knitting limbo--fate to be determined.

3. Grey Mist.  Bohus beauty.  This will get made.  I don't like the fuzziness of angora when the weather is hot, so it might just be a while.  I already see myself wearing it this winter.  Yum.

4. Sherbie.  Simple mindless knitting that go put away for summer.  I'll finish this in the Fall and return Anmiryam's book.

5. Honey.  Soccer Knitting.  I think the sweater is going to be too short for me, but I don't want to rip back.  If it doesn't fit me, it'll look great on Mom.  I really should make this my Summer priority so I can wear it a few times before it's too cold.

And I started a sock because at the time sock knitting was what I could handle.  The Vesper Yarn was a trade with Anmiryam and I love it.  So do all the kids at the soccer games, who are amazed that socks are made, not bought at the store.


Okay, now that makes me feel a bit focused.  But only a bit.  I already have some Zephyr lace yarn on the way from Red Bird Knits (in onyx) and beads from Earthfaire to make another shawl. 

And I really really want this Hip in Hemp skirt from the new Knitty (I get to see the patterns months before you do and I've been wanting this one for a while).  Thankfully I'm stuck on colour choice.  I need to find this yarn in Toronto so I can make a decision.  I'm thinking Brown, Turquoise, Orange and Sand. 


And then Michelle, spotter of all the good new knits, alerted me to a new Hanne Falkenberg that I will buy as soon as I figure out what colour I want (though I'm leaning toward that green because it's so gorgeous).


Do you ever feel like there is just *too* much great knitting out there that you will never get to do? 

Now back to editing manuscripts...I tend to organize for procrastination, it makes me feel productive when I'm avoiding other tasks.  But now deadlines loom, I'll treat myself to a few rows once the first article is sent back to the journal.

When the going gets tough, the tough start busting up stuff

We have a covered porch at the front of our house.  The ceiling on this porch was covered with crappy, photo-of-wood-panelling and it was ugly.  One day a big chunk fell off and we knew it was time to do a fix.  We also knew that the raccoons like our porch and we suspected they were taking shelter in the ceiling--that's a bad thing.

I was alone and didn't think to take a photo so I submit this for your imagination:  Me, wearing safety googles, a dust mask, gloves and a hard helmet, wielding a wonderbar and a hockey stick (i.e. a long handled pry tool, you'll understand why I wanted to stand away from the prying in a minute.  About an hour later the ceiling looked like this:


And there was a big pile of this:


Yes, that's what you think it is (the close-up photo was too gross).  I thought of calling an urban wildlife biologist, but I was pretty sure we had a racoon problem.  Fucking distructive racoons.  It seems they actually live next door (our houses are attached) and just used our roof as a <<ahem>> depository. 

Well, we put a stop to that.  It took three trips to the Home Depot, some wire mesh, plywood, 35 tongue-and-groove pine planks, two chunks of insulation and a can of Great Stuff, but now we have a racoon-proof ceiling that's very pretty.


Well, we're almost done.  We still need to add some trim, stain and seal, but the ugly paneling and racoon home is gone!

I already have plans to change the mailbox, outside light fixture, house number and front door colour.  I'm thinking all the HGTV is getting to me.

Sparkle Tangerine

If you asked me, I wouldn't recommend lace knitting in the face of grief or distraction, but this time, it worked for me.  The last few weeks I found I couldn't write or concentrate, so I spent a lot of time in front of the tv (watching Star Trek TNG, geek that I am) working on my diamond fantasy shawl.

I planned on making the scarf size, using one ball of Seasilk.  When I was done the required repeats, I had enough left over, so I strung a life line and kept going.  After half a repeat (which is another diamond) I decided to bind off.  The bindoff (which is lovely) takes up a lot of yarn, but in the end, I had enough to do the whole repeat.  I wasn't in the mood to rip back, so I have a little ball of seasilk left--that's how it goes.

The shawl is beautiful.  But is shy around the camera.  The oranges and greens shine and the beads are subtle but add a little extra something.  My boss (who knits) noticed them right away.

Here's a shot of it on the bed--my attempt to show off the lace:


A close up:


Now for the glamour shots--Emma wants a shawl big time, but she isn't getting this one.




Mushy Stuff

Thank you all so very much for the kind words of condolence over the last week.  The cards, messages, food (Emily, the pasta was awesome) and thoughts really made me feel loved which is what I needed.  You are all fantastic wonderful people and I'm so pleased you take the time to get to know me through this blog and let me know a bit about you too.  I'm not great at the mushy stuff so just a few <<mwahs>> and <<hugs>> will have to do.

I have avoided blogging about my father's illness because it just didn't feel right and struggled over whether to even write about his death, but since blogging is a big part of my life, it felt weird not to say something.  I think Dad might have even been a bit miffed that I didn't mention this since he was really proud of the blog and sent links to friends and family.  The blog is a record of my knitting and a record of my life so all the good and bad stuff needs to be there.

Tomorrow I'll post some of the good.  Seasilk good.